Justice Society, part 3 (Doctor Mid-Nite, Icicle)

Digging deeper into The Justice Society of America…

This drink was a nightmare to photograph…IRL the brown and the red layer are visible,
but to capture the effect in the pic…side light turned out to be total disaster.


Bottom layer, green:

2 parts Midori

1 part Triple Sec

Middle layer, brown:

3 parts bourbon

1 part Grand Marnier

2 parts apple juice

Top layer, red:

2 parts vodka

1 part Aperol

Shake layers separately with ice and layer into the cocktail glass.

So, theme colours are there, but how is this Dr. Mid-Nite’s namesake cocktail? I tried to include “the mysterious feel” of the character in the drink’s many aromas; I personally like the smooth slide from bitter red to more full-bodied brown… transition in colour is also nice, but quite a nightmare to photograph.

About the brown layer… you’ll notice Grand Marnier among ingredients? Combination of apple juice and bourbon is pretty rough, but G-Marnier clips off the rough edge nicely. Yes, I’ve used that particular liqueur for same purpose earlier, last time in Stargirl and Floronic Man.

It’s a good remedy, eg. when you’ve done some experiments of your own and need to smooth the clashing of aromas… but I’ve gotta cut it down: otherwise every cocktail ends up having a small hint of G-Marnier.

But where’s Hooty/Charlie? Yep, ended up thinking it myself… my only redemption is to design another drink with owl-element 🙂


2 parts gin

1 part Malibu

1 part Cointreau

Blue Curacao for adjusting colour

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into the super-chilled shot glass.

What on earth is coconut-flavoured Malibu doing in the namesake drink of one of the coolest ;P villains in the world?

Harsh dude, harsh drink. Trying to depict “Icicle”: the actual icicle is kinda spike of frozen water – spike? This is going to be a shot; also thematic, considering Icicle’s attacks.

Harsh… Let’s go for the London dry gin. Let’s give the drinker some relief… some Cointreau, Triple Sec is too sharp (or sharp in the wrong way, in this case).

Okay, now I have a base but it’s dull… something that clashes, punches the drinker in the gut like supersonic icicle.

Test after test, horrible mistakes (and a few drafts for future use) but then I nailed it: Malibu. You can find the coconut somewhere in there while gulping the Icicle down… but its main role is to contradict other ingredients (as does Amaretto in The Punisher, for example).

Now I’ve published three posts just JSA characters… there are more to go, but maybe it’s time to check out something else for a change?

See you next time 🙂

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