It’s a kinda Magic (Dr. Fate, Dr. Strange, Zatanna Zatara)

I’m pretty pleased with my discovery: soaking Skittles in gold/reposado tequila produces savory element for cocktails. I think Clayface is yummy, and today I’m introducing couple more recipes using Skittles-tequila… and one using jelly bean-tequila. Then it’s time to put those candy-infused boozes aside for a moment, don’t you think? Clayface, revisited Wonder Woman in the last post, and now three more recipes… Skittles, jelly beans, salmiac… they’re okay, but next few posts will NOT contain anything relating to candy.


We talked about this in Clayface-post, but let’s take another look on the subject. So, simply: pour Skittles into jar and cover them with gold or reposado tequila. Use ordinary fruit Skittles, not those “Crazy Sours”. Stir the contents with a spoon now and then, after couple of hours “The Elixir” will be ready.


Be warned: the liquid will look disgusting!!! It’s important to filter the foam (that brown abomination you see in the picture), it’s kinda “semi-solid” and make no mistake: if it’s not filtered it will emerge to the surface of the cocktail, despite of all the shaking.


All that will be left of Skittles is a pile of “beans”… which actually taste okay (well, they’re Skittles) if you’re desperate enough to eat them 😀

And now it’s time for our Skittles-recipes… and they’re NOT gonna be simple and plain sweet drinks: our topic is sorcery, so the cocktails will be mysterious blend of sweet and bitter and spicy and whatnot.



I decided NOT to strive for yellow-and-blue colour scheme: I think the aroma itself should tell the story about Doctor’s mysterious powers.

-2 parts Skittles-tequila

-1 part Campari

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into chilled old fashioned glass, add some ice.



Lot if doctors around here today… btw, “the spellbook” in the picture is Tristan Stephenson’s “The Curious Bartender”, definitely worth reading.

-3 parts Skittles-tequila

-2 parts Dr.Pepper (ordinary, vanilla or cherry; your choice)

-1 part Kahlúa

Stir ingredients with ice, shaking lemonade will have disastrous consequences… lengthy stirring will turn Dr.Pepper flat, but that’s okay. Strain into small chilled cocktail glass.

EDIT: please check out another version of Dr. Strange here.



Here the pictured “alchemist’s handbook” is Amy Stewart’s “The Drunken Botanist”: everything you need to know about The Great Alliance of Alcohol and Plants. In addition to interesting information and amusing stories it also contains some great cocktail recipes, eg. French Intervention.

For this delightful cocktail you’ll need jelly bean-tequila, same we used in Deadshot. The method is same as in Skittles-tequila: pour the candy into jar, drown them in gold/reposado tequila and filter after two hours. The difference is that jelly bean broth will not look as disgusting.

-2 parts extra dry vermouth

-1 part jelly bean-tequila

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into cocktail glass.

Three drinks worth of Sorcery and Magic, that should keep you satisfied for a week. No candies anymore, as I promised… but maybe I’ll use lemonade again. Not Dr.Pepper, I’m thinking Fanta… in non-conventional way…

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