Remakes (Carol Danvers, Jean Grey)

I guess I’m not the only one fed up with modern Hollywood movie industry: sequels, prequels, reboots and endless remakes.

…but nothing wrong with cocktail remakes, I guess ;P


Red part, top:

3 parts Passoã

2 parts De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb

2 parts vodka

(few dashes of Aperol)

Blue part, bottom:

mezcal and simple syrup, roughly 50-50

Blue Curacao, for adjusting colour

Shake parts separately with ice and layer into a cocktail glass with couple of ice cubes in it; blue bottom, red top.

At hindsight I must say my first take on Captain Marvel was pretty sketchy; I got too carried away with my new discovery, De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb, and build the drink solely on it – not very entrepreneurial 😦

With Carol Danvers The Cocktail I decided to stick with Sour Rhubarb, there is still nothing wrong with that but I added Passoã… and some Aperol for counterbalance, althought some Test Subjects think the drink works better without it. You decide.

The drink needs ice, otherwise it gets too warm towards the end = intolerably sweet. Of course the melting ice waters the drink down, but that’s okay: when you hit the blue bottom part, some water is welcome – it softens up mezcal+sugar combo, making it actually a worthy “dessert” for the red part, instead of acting just a colour layer.


Green highball:

2 parts white wine (see below)

3 parts Midori

5 parts mineral water

Build into a highball glass, add crushed ice. Maybe garnish with a stirrer (see below).

Brown shot:

4 parts añejo tequila (see below)

2 parts Amaretto di Saronno OR Malibu

simple syrup, to taste (see below)

Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass.

So what’s the deal with this duo? Another cocktail consisting of multiple drinks, like Cloak and Dagger or Thanos? Not quite, a variant of good ol’ Bomb Shot aka. Depth Charge!

Phoenix and Dark Phoenix are two different personalities, but a same person. Earlier I tackled this dilemma by designing two different drinks, now I decided to depict the moment Phoenix turns to The Darkness.

So, first enjoy the highball – nice, cool, but nothing breathtaking here. When you have made enough room, drop in the shot glass (and this is why you should use crushed ice, cubes prevent the glass from sinking in).

Stir if you like, but I personally enjoy “The Darker” taste on top, after which the drinks turns back into the original form towards the end; works both tastewise and thematically. Nothing wrong with stirring the whole shebang together, then it’s Dark all the way.

So what’s so “Dark” in this drink? It’s the Amaretto, adding surprising bitterness (as in The Punisher)… for some reason Malibu works kinda same way. The shot needs quite a lot simple syrup to bring out the desired taste when bombed in – you might end up using it same amount as Amaretto / Malibu, rendering the shot undrinkable on its own.

But there is also other essential element for Darkness… añejo tequila. Please, no substituting with cheap gold tequila; if don’t want to spend your money for añejo you’ll just have to skip this drink. You’ll need full-bodied aroma of tequila, stored in a barrel for months, to create that menacing rounded “Dark” into the Jean Grey.

I’m not a spokesperson for any alcohol brand, but I must say Agavita añejo works very nice in Jean Grey… and it’s pleasant to sip on its own.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I do it again… for cocktails I use white wines that contain 40 grams of sugar per litre: so, they’re pretty disgusting to be enjoyed as they are… but those dried wines that taste good with a meal just don’t work in cocktails, they’re just too dry.

I usually buy pictured German cheapo wine for my cocktails, but other brands work just as fine as long as they are sweet enough.

I hope you these. See you in October 🙂

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