100th Recipe!!! (Batkid/Batman)

I never believed I’d made it this far. Views and feedback from around the world kept me going, Thank You All.

While publication of 100th recipe was looming in the horizon I thought there’s only one superhero candidate worthy for such a milestone… BATKID!

We all remember Miles Scott, who back in 2013 got to be Superhero for one day. Heart-warming story, and it’s essentially what superhero stories are all about: Happy endings. Miles is in remission, I wish him well, and San Francisco…erm, Gotham is a bit better place to live.

HERE’S A 47-PAGE PDF CONTAINING ALL SUPERHERO COCKTAIL RECIPES SO FAR, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD IT: [EDIT: please check out the updated compilations in Recipes and downloads.]

All recipes are designed by Yours Truly, at least I couldn’t find duplicates by Googling Around. Only exceptions are Penguin, which already exists, simply as a Martini variation, and Swamp Thing (The Green): it’s almost like Green Hornet, with some variation in ratios. I designed them, found out they have been around for a long time, but decided to publish them anyway (since they describe the comic book character so well).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present the 100th cocktail recipe in this blog…



BATKID (aka. “Miles Scott reaching legal drinking age”, aka. CAPED CRUSADER)

4 parts extra dry vermouth

3 parts gin

4 parts cherry juice

12 parts Coca-Cola

Build into highball glass, add ice. Garnish with lemon wedge (Bat Signal), add straw. Make a toast for childish fun, for children’s feelings are the most genuine.

As always… for cherry juice use high quality concentrate, diluted with water 1:1 ratio instead of recommended (usually 1:3 or 1:4).

If you like this drink’s concept, Coke with berry juice and certain alcohols balancing them out, you should check out The Punisher. And for a whole different approach to Batman, try Dark Knight. My very first post contains another Batman highball, Silent Guardian.


After 15 months and 100 recipes I’m pretty much out of ideas… I’m going to withdraw for a while; to gather my thoughts, to go through tons of paper scribbled with recipe drafts… but I’ll be back 😀

Please download the PDF and check out the recipes! Cheers!


5 thoughts on “100th Recipe!!! (Batkid/Batman)”

  1. CONGRATS! 😀 100 recipes is a HUGE achievement, you’ve earned your rest. An yeah, we do expect more fun stuff to come. 🙂
    BTW: How about a non-alcoholic version of Batkid? I get the idea of reaching the legal age, but this would make a great excuse to design something for the poor sober ones who are doomed to spend their soirées with us drunkards… 😛



    1. Thank you. And mocktail version of Batkid is “under construction”! 😀 Of course Original Batkid must have something to drink while growing up… actually I’m working on Superhero Mocktail Compilation. Not as extensive as this 47-page collection, but something.


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