Bright and warm skies! (Scarecrow)

It’s not summer yet, but at least it’s not cold anymore… and instead of cloudy skies sun is shining brightly! So, feeling “summery”, I decided to publish this unorthodox highball recipe. Celebrate spring, celebrate summer… with gloomy undertone.

You’ll need coffee-infused white rum, the same we used in Catwoman earlier on.



-4 parts coffee-rum (or in emergency, ordinary white rum)

-3 parts Kahlúa

-2 parts lime juice

-8 parts pineapple juice

-4 parts orange juice.

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into highball glass, add some ice. If possible, serve with actual straw.

YES, IT LOOKS LIKE MUDWATER, that’s the point. Garnish the drink with some weird/spooky stuff to emphasize the theme.

Test Subjects described this drink “weird, but fascinating”… they couldn’t figure out what was the “murky” aroma… well, coffee, of course, but the trick is to balance it with juices to create twofold drink: nice summer beverage… but The Nightmare is just behind the corner, you can almost see it (or in this case, almost taste it).

DR. CRANE aka. “Quick-and-dirty Scarecrow”

There’s no coffee in this one, but red vermouth gives the drink same kind of muddy look and weird gloomy aroma as Kahlúa does for actual recipe. I like the one with Kahlúa more, but I publish this one as well for those who want to try it out.

-1 part red vermouth

-1 part white rum

-2 parts pineapple juice

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into highball glass, add some ice. Garnish as above.

(Credits go to my friend who pointed out that Tosti Rosso and orange juice mix together well. Thank you S., I refined your idea to my own taste.)

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