Coconut cream (Man-Thing, Supergirl revisited)

I did some experimentations with coconut cream, let’s check them out…


5 parts tequila blanco (cheapo brand actually works better than 100% puro de agave)

1 to 2 parts creme de menthe (see below)

10 parts orange juice

2 parts sarsaparilla syrup

some coconut cream

(maybe some Blue Curacao for adjusting colour)

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into a highball glass with lots of ice in it. Appropriate garnish; somehow I think those two red cherries are a must ;P

In the pic above the drink has been standing for couple of minutes, and coconut cream has started to separate… looks disgusting, and that’s the point! With Man-Thing, it’s all about fear, and overcoming it… so go ahead, taste the drink – I dare you 🙂

Of course the separation doesn’t affect taste (unless you let it stand for a hour but then it’s ruined anyway)… and speaking of taste: sarsaparilla gives the drink “dark and gloomy” feel, so “the fear factor” is not just in the looks.

The amount of creme de menthe is the key for controlling how much sarsaparilla dominates the drink: one part creme really brings out the sarsaparilla, two parts pushes it to the background.


2 parts Passoã

up to 1 part cognac/brandy and/or bourbon

2 parts coconut cream

Rose’s lime cordial, up to taste (maybe almost up to 1 part)

Shake vigorously and strain into a highball glass with lots of ice in it.

This drink is less lethal than my first Supergirl cocktail (maybe), but the concept is the same: sweet, easy to drink, the colour is “girlpowerish” pink and highly deceptive – perfect for girls’ night out! 🙂

And speaking of Girl Power Drinks, don’t forget to check out Power Girl.

Man-Thing The Cocktail got me thinking… Halloween is closing in, so get ready for some grim drinks ;P

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