Sweet and dry (Catwoman, Penguin)

When I went to see Burton’s “Batman” back in -89 I had high expectations… and I was gravely disappointed. Batman kills criminals by blowing them up and kicking them down from Gotham Cathedral… so I’m watching Punisher with cape, where’s Batman? I also felt that Nicholson’s Joker was boo-ring, stiff and unimaginative interpretation. Well, he ended up dead with the rest so that’s about it.

Second movie in the series was THE BEST (it’s better to forget third and fourth completely). Burton’s version of Penguin wasn’t orthodox, but I liked it. And of course Catwoman had to be sexy: that could’ve been executed tediously (like Poison Ivy in “Batman&Robin”) but representing her as mentally unstable S/M-freak got my vote.

Great movie, I do my best to pay homage to the characters with these cocktail recipes.




Let’s take look back in my second post, “Getting ready for New Year’s Eve”, where we soaked licorice in vodka. Now we’ll do the same thing, but we’ll use coffee grounds and white rum. Brimful tablespoon of coffee to 1dl (3 1/2 oz) of rum, let it soak for 15 min and filter the mush to get coffee-rum.

-1 part coffee-rum

-1 part coconut milk

-1 part evaporated milk

Put ingredients into blender and mix then without ice. Pour into cocktail glass and grate some lime-flavoured chocolate on top.

If you don’t have a blender whisk coconut milk and evaporated milk together first: then add coffee-rum and whisk again.

If you can’t find limechocolate you can create the mix beforehand. Grate ordinary chocolate and skin of limes, you probably need to add some powdered sugar. Mix gently and sprinkle on top of the cocktail.

That’s right… cocktail is made without ice. Coffee aroma is really delicate, it disappears if drink gets cold. “Why not use coffee liqueur?” They have strong coffee flavour, and I wanted a drink to have just a hint of coffee aroma: with liqueur the taste is too intense, even in small amounts.

And of course… have you ever seen a cat drink cold milk?




In “Batman Returns” Penguin refers to drinking “very dry Martini”. In the comics he always seems to enjoy something that looks like Martini… so Martini it is, with Penguin-twist.

Make a Martini or Vodka Martini: for example 7 parts gin (or vodka) and 1 part extra dry vermouth, or 3-1 ratio or whatever. I personally prefer Dirty Martini: 6 vodka, 1 vermouth and 1 olive juice. If you like to add olive into glass, use black olive (naturally).

Whatever version you like, also add some green Chartreuse before shaking (with plenty of ice). Start testing with around 10% Chartreuse, work your way up or down according to your taste.

I know… this recipe already exits, actually it’s an old trick. Guilty as charged, but I wanted to bring excellent “Green Chartreuse meets Martini”-combo to your attention.

If you want to turn this drink into even more dry/harsh experience, rim the glass with lemon juice and sea salt! Half rim is enough, I think: cocktail is pretty dry already, it’s nice to taste little salt now and then while enjoying it… if you’re forced to swallow salted Martini on every sip the experience is ruined.


Penguin is definitely pre-dinner drink, and sweet Catwoman sure is something to be enjoyed after dinner… how about some all-day cocktail revolving around villains from “Batman Returns”?



Make basic Tom Collins, decorate it with parasol you’ve painted black beforehand and call it “Oswald”. Black straw seems like obvious choice: I use one made out of glass to give more “freezingly antarctian” feel.


Next week we’ll try bitter-sweetish drink out of red wine. I hope you have some Crème de Cassis left: if you’ve used all of your Cassis to Harley Quinns and Tony Bennetts it’s time to buy some more.


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