Girl Power, part V (Circe, Huntress)

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Summer is drawing to an end… so there are certain “gloomy and dark” tones in today’s cocktails. Let’s start with starker recipe, and move on to the “easier” drink.




3 parts Triple Sec

1 part Campari

4 parts beetroot juice

Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass. “Hypnotic” garnish, whatever you think it is.

Beetroot juice, again… I’ve used it in Mystique and Nightcrawler, and in Psylocke. The first two resemble each other (on purpose), Psylocke is totally different… Circe is one more drink using that particular juice, and once again different. I’m pretty pleased that I’ve managed to create so many different recipes with that challenging ingredient.

I might come back to beetroot juice sometime in the future, but not for a while. Meanwhile, on to the next cocktail…




1 part Gammel Dansk

4 parts port wine

4 parts Coca-Cola

Stir with ice and strain into highball glass, add some ice.

Port wine has really distinct taste. In my opinion, it needs to be “quenched down” a bit, but just a bit: you want to retain that certain “sting”. I think I succeeded with that in Anaconda, and I hope you’ll approve my effort with Huntress.

I got so carried away with port wine’s “dark” potential I designed another cocktail using it… Nightwing. And what’s more suitable pair to publish with that drink than Robin?

So, see you in a week or so ;P


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