Preparing for Midsummer’s Eve, part 2 (Batgirl and Harley Quinn revisited)

Last time we checked out bubbly versions for Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman, let’s continue on our chosen path…

(Thanks again for Test Subject S. for posing with the drinks)




10 parts dry prosecco

2 parts De Kyuper Blueberry

1 part sarsaparilla syrup

(black food colour)

Build into a champagne coupe or flute, add some ice.

Simple to make and surprisingly delightful! This is what it feels like to kick some criminal butt in the Gotham 😀 The colour of the drink is dark brown: if you can’t live with that, add some black food colouring.

I dare to say… this is one of my best sparkling wine cocktails. Don’t forget to check out my first Batgirl recipe.




10 parts sparkling wine (of your choice)

2 parts reposado tequila

2 parts sala syrup

1 part Fernet Branca OR 1 1/2-ish parts Gammel Dansk

(1 to 2 parts simple syrup, see below)

Build into a champagne coupe or flute, add some ice.

My first HQ recipe has been such a hit for years… I admit I felt some pressure when I started to design this drink…

I thought HQ’s bubbly drink should contain tequila, that sounds like her “weapon of choice”. You can try this with cheapo blanco tequila, then you’ll understand why I decided to go with reposado (not just with cheap gold tequila): “The Sting” is there, but it blends in – co-operates, so to speak – with the rest of the drink better than cheap sludge. It would’ve been more thematic choice, I give you that, but it just “kicked” the wrong way.

Sala syrup gives a delightful and “airy” element (as in Plastic Man, Deadpool or Falcon for example). Fernet Branca or Gammel Dansk (or bitter of your choice) creates a balancing element for the sweetness… and also reminds us of the lurking danger: Harleen Quinzel is insane, let’s not forget that, she’s ready to slash your throat at any second.

Simple syrup… you’ll probably have to add some, the exact amount depends on what kind of bubbly you’re using. You’ll just have to test.


…and that was my superhero 250th cocktail recipe! 😀 I’ll be back at the end of the month or during the first days of the July at the latest. I’m not giving up, I still have many more supercocktail ideas!

That’s it for now.



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