X-Men (Beast, Cyclops)

With today’s two recipes I’m able to publish X-Men cocktail compilation, you can find it in Recipes and downloads.

There sure is a need for a compilation… X-Men (and characters associated directly with them) cocktails that I’ve designed: Beast and Cyclops today, ColossusPhoenix and Dark PhoenixEmma FrostKitty PrydeMagneto, Mystique and Nightcrawler, PsylockeRogueStormStorm (Ororo) and of course Wolverine.

So, now they’re compiled. Let’s check out today’s recipes…




2 parts extra dry vermouth

1 part blanco tequila

1 part Triple Sec

1 part Blue Curacao

1 part lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass.

Hank McCoy can be characterized with many words, including “very smart”… or to put it mildly, “pretty sharp”. In my attempt to represent his intellect, I decided to make his cocktail “sharp”.

Anyone remember Bullfrog? Not the invention of mine, but one of the “sharpest” cocktails ever, without succumbing to over-the-top alcohol content shock value. I love that drink, decided to honour it by using it as the basis for Beast.

Tequila goes well with citrus, that goes without saying… but then the drink is not just “sharp”, it’s “boringly cleaving”. Adding sugar would’ve been the easy path, but sweetness ruins the basic idea of this cocktail… instead adding extra dry vermouth did the job, adding it’s own aroma in the process. And Blue Curacao not just turns the cocktail Beast-like blue, but also adds some taste elements.

To balance out this sour cocktail our next cocktail is nothing but sour…




4 parts vodka

1 to 2 parts orgeat syrup

3 parts orange juice

3 parts Fanta

Red part: red grenadine and Campari stirred together, 1:1 ratio

Prepare the red part first, stirring grenadine and Campari together. Stir other ingredients with ice and strain to highball glass, add some ice. Pour the red part into glass, let it sink to the bottom. No straw, no garnish! (altought I got carried away when photographing the drink, sorry for misleading you folks)

So what’s the deeper philosophy with this drink? First of all… the colour. Very simple: Cyclops’ power lies in his blasting gaze, and the protective eyewear is yellow/golden, with red narrow stripe. But what about the taste?

This drink is based on the idea that Scott Summers started out as archetypal American Hero, but has gotten more and more embittered within time. So we start drinking Cyclops The Cocktail: clear, brisk taste; refreshing orange with the hint of almond… but it gets bitter as you work your way through the drink.


I hope you enjoy my X-Men cocktails, see you next time!


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