Beer, beetroot and mocktails (Lex Luthor, Psylocke)

Mocktail compilation updated to include today’s recipes: [EDIT: updated compilations can be found in Recipes and downloads]




16 parts lager

4 parts orange juice

2 parts Triple Sec

1 to 2 (or even more) parts lemon juice

(1 part simple syrup)

Blue Curacao for colour

Build into suitable glass, adding Blue Curacao last, spoon by spoon; stirring until colour is right. Adding ice is optional.

Exact measurements aren’t that important in this drink… lager-orange juice ratio roughly 4:1; Triple Sec about half of orange juice used, less lemon juice than Triple Sec used; dash of simple syrup if you think you need one.

So why is this drink called “Lex Luthor”? Why isn’t it using XO cognac or some other expensive ingredient, since L.L. always seems to be sipping some priceless booze (if any)? Justifiable question by Test Subject K., let me answer.

Luthor hates Superman because he’s superpowered alien. So after all… L.L. is on humanity’s side, he stands for The Common Man: so we use beer, no fancy cognac. Often Luthor stands more for himself than the common man, I give you that…

I could’ve tried to build the most intriguing cocktail ever, complex flavours to represent Luthor’s many devious plans… but since those plans to destroy Man Of Steel are doomed to fail, time after time I ended up using few ingredients: simple, declarative, no excuses… failed again. Simple taste.

(Also, I must admit… I’ve gotten feedback: “Every single cocktail doesn’t have to contain complex aromas and nuances; simple drinks are okay once in a while.”)

L.L. fails time after time, and gets more and more sour after every defeat… that’s why his drink is sour. Pretty obvious… as is the colour of the drink: of course Luthor carries some backup kryptonite around, so the drink is green.


16 parts non-alcoholic beer (I use Heineken 0.0%)

4 parts orange juice

1 to 2 parts lemon juice

2 parts simple syrup

blue grenadine for colour

Build into suitable glass, as in cocktail version above.


And now it’s time for beetroot juice cocktail I promised last time




3 to 4 parts vodka

2 parts beetroot juice

2 parts cream

3 parts simple syrup

few drops of Tabasco

Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass.

Precognition, telepathy, telekinesis… Psylocke has all sorts of abilities, this cocktail is a combination of different aromas so I think it goes well thematically. Also, colours associated with her always seem to be pink, purple, magenta etc… well, colours match.


3 parts beetroot juice

2 parts cream

2 parts simple syrup

few drops of Tabasco

Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass.


Enjoy your cocktails and mocktails, enjoy the sunshine! See you in the week or so!


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