Bols Natural Yoghurt (Havok, High Evolutionary)

Last time I promised to introduce more drinks utilizing Bols Natural Youghurt liqueur. The taste is pretty one-dimensional: fresh youghurt and that’s it, but at least the taste is solid.

Downside is that mixing it with pretty much anything dissolves the freshness, the remaining aroma retains “heavy” substance but lacks refreshing element.

Or maybe I’m wrong, it’s not the first time I don’t approve with a particular booze at first glance… but within time I find some value in it: remember how I thrashed Passoã in the beginning, but then I realized the error of my ways?

Passoã definitely isn’t so-called “high quality connoisseur liquer” and neither is Bols Yoghurt, not much “natural flavour” but synthetic essence instead… but let’s check out what we can come up with. I decided to develop two shots: one, where Yoghurt is one layer just as it is, and another where the liqueur is mixed with some other element.


Top layer, black:

1 part vodka

1 part Fernet Branca

black food colour

Middle layer, white:

Bols Natural Youghurt

Bottom layer, black again:

1 part Aperol

1 part simple syrup

1 part brandy/cognac with sharp taste

black food colour

Shake layers separately with ice and layer into a shot glass. Down in one.

Okay, the colour theme is definitely “Havok-ian”… and the taste? Taste sensations follow each up really quickly, there’s no time for “horrible start, but sweet relief”-effect as in The Atom… but I’m not aiming for that.

Let’s think about those Alex Summers’ plasma blasts… enormous cosmic power, and in the past he had problems controlling it. So, the taste of Havok The Cocktail should be a pandemonium of different aromas, cruising around in the taste buds… and a shot is a natural choice, since the plasma beams are so fast.

So how does Bols Yoghurt perform in this one? There are lots of competing tastes, but even as Yoghurt is mixed with all the rest the fresh taste manages to manifest itself when you knock the glass back .

…or at least that’s what I think. Please feel free to replace some simple syrup with Aperol if you yearn more kick. And enlarging the white layer, of course, adds more Yoghurt’s “cooling” effect.

(Btw…started to think about that other Summers boy? You can find his cocktail here.)


2 parts Bols Natural Yoghurt

1 part red wine

Stir with ice and strain into a shot glass. Alternatively, you can enjoy it in a suitable small glass with plenty of ice.

You think this a joke? Such a cuddly pink drink for such a powerful character? Well, taste it 🙂

The hue of pink is actually pretty “sullen”, and the taste… the sourness of the wine really kicks up, luckily the Youghurt keeps it down, barely… it might look like a joke, but it is a tribute to High Evolutionary…

…well, there’s no going around it: the drink also honours H.E.’s costume – the pink part of it 🙂

(Fancy that “sullen pink” colour? Please check out Big Barda.)

Bols Natural Yoghurt is pretty okay liqueur; not for the pretty simple taste, but for the great layering qualities! I’ll be back with some other Yoghurt drinks in the future, but let’s put that bottle aside for now… I must confess, I’m really into layering at the moment. Next time we’ll check out more multi-coloured cocktails, but not with Yoghurt.

Take care, and stay safe.

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