Mentally Unstable (Green Goblin, Maxima)

Today we’re going to check out couple of characters who are “not right in the head”. I hope their cocktails create interesting variety in your summer cocktail party.




6 parts half sweet white wine

2 parts Pisang Ambon

1 part Fernet Branca

Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass.

I got a bit negative feedback last Halloween… “C’mon, man! You’re publishing Jack O’Lantern, some second class obscure villain, for Halloween… but NOT Green Goblin?”

My critics were right, it was a dumb move. Well, now I publish the cocktail of totally unhinged madman in the middle of the summer, maybe I should’ve waited for next Halloween… aww, let’s get over it and publish the damn recipe.

You notice similarities between this cocktail and Jack O’Lantern: Pisang Ambon and bitterness… but when Jack is more of a drinking game with flames and marshmallow and slight bitterness of Gammel Dansk, Green Goblin is more full-bodied drink, with raw bitterness of Ferner Branca (that’s “insanity”)… balanced with white wine. I think this is a decent cocktail.

In any case, this year’s Halloween Cocktail Special gets rewritten…and it contains this cocktail, of course… and who knows, maybe another take of the same character?




2 parts sloe gin

1 part bourbon

4 parts tomato juice

2 parts cream

2 part red grenadine

Give highball glass half rim with salt (pink Himalayan mountain salt matches nicely with the colour of the drink), add some ice. Shake ingredients with ice and strain into the glass.

Maxima is one of the most exhilarating Superman villains: she’s fiery-tempered, and convinced that Superman is the the only worthy mate in the universe… sounds a bit obsessive? Bit mentally unstable? This highball has a bit weird and challenging, yet enjoyable taste, so I think it is a balanced cocktail, both in theme and taste.

Please do not skip the salt rim. Me and all Test Subjects agreed that it really gives the drink more character to sip it through the salt… but if you’re forced to taste salt with every sip, it gets “suffocating”… so, it’s best the give the glass half rim of salt.


So, what’s next? Looks like next “Girl Power”-themed post is coming up…


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