Short drinks, for a change (Darkseid)

Last few posts have featured nothing but highballs, it’s time for smaller glasses. First one’s called “Darkseid”, variation of Caipirinha, and the second has nothing to do with superheroes. Both have that “breezy” feel that fits spring-early summer so perfectly.





-2 parts cachaca

-1 part Kahlúa

-1 part lime juice

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into old fashioned glass filled with ice. You might want to slip in couple of lime wedges.

So, it’s Caipirinha with coffee aroma, without muddling. Lime juice replaces actual limes, and Kahlúa contains enough cane sugar. Anyway: it’s dark, it’s brisk, something worthy of touching tyrant Darkseid’s lips.




I didn’t invent this, but I thought to let you know.

-1 part dry vermouth

-1 part Triple Sec

-1 part lemon juice

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into suitable glass: something small and neat. Add some ice and green cocktail cherry.

I think this is a great cocktail, I’m happy that I found it! Simple, elegant, zesty.


Ok, next time we’ll explore highballs again and I’ll introduce you a recipe I stumbled upon… it might be The Best Cocktail ever, surpassing even Tony Bennett I praised before. So… until next week…


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