Bad guys, again (Batroc, Judge Caligula)

I just realized…this month I’ve published drinks about bad guys (bad, more or less); last time Mordru and Quicksilver , Professor Zoom and Weather Wizard before them. Maybe it’s all this covid stuff, I dunno…

Well, let’s go with it and proclaim January -21 as “The Month of Villain Cocktails” ;P

Okay, it’s not just my regular camera; my cell phone camera also turns purple into something blue-ish… background cloth is actually warm purple, not that grim colour.


Purple layer, top (yes, it’s there, although faint):

Parfait Amour and gin, half and half

Orange layer, bottom:

1 part bourbon

1 part Campari

3 parts orange juice

Shake or stir layers separately with ice and layer into a highball glass with some ice in it; purple on top. Serve with a straw.

Sharp-eyed readers might notice the orange part of this drink is almost like my first version of Deathstroke, dark rum is replaced with bourbon. Well, I could have published this as a “Deathstroke, take three”(there’s a second version of Salde Wilson) but I got my mind fixed in Batroc already…

So I added a top layer. If you hate it, just skip it… but there’s an idea behind that horrible gin+P-Amour-combo… Georges Batroc is not a nice man, so his namesake cocktail shouldn’t be one either: both layers have kinda “nasty surprises” in them… but the drink is actually enjoyable when using a straw to alternate between layers: if Campari in orange layer gets into you, just sip the purple and you’ll welcome orange again 🙂


1 part bourbon

3 parts red wine

sarsaparilla syrup, to taste

Build into a suitable glass, add some ice if you like.

I was checking my old drink recipes and stumbled upon Judge Dredd; “Whoa! This drink is evil and mean! I actually published this?!? I really should design a new version.”

Well, I came up with the idea above; I wanted to stick with the red wine (for some reason). Days went by, and just before I begun writing this I tried a small glass of Judge Dredd and this new version… “No! JD The Cocktail is rude, but it should be! He doesn’t have any friends, and he doesn’t want any!”

So, on a last minute I changed this drink to my personal favourite JD villain, Judge Caligula. We already have Judges Fear and Fire, Death and Mortis; we even got Satanus, so it’s time for some Judge Cal’s Justice!

Well, now I’ve kinda committed myself for creating Mean Machine the Cocktail… ;P

Next time: more villains, or good guys for a change? We’ll see…

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