Cosmic Power beyond description… and a fella with a bow, Part II (Hawkeye, Spectre)

I published first part of this theme way back: a cosmic being with immeasurable power… and a dude who is trained in archery. Today we’re gonna take a another look on this subject.



In reality the drink is NOT so “brownish”, it’s purple! I don’t know why, but don’t seem to be able to photograph purple cocktails decently (let’s just recall Magneto ). Frustrating!


When I published Green Arrow I could sense the last shreds of summer lingering in the air… now there isn’t one single molecule of summer left, everything is grey and dark and cold. So publishing this now might seem a little “out of place” but I’ll do it anyway 😀

Every single Test Subject told me the same thing: one of these is very delightful, but the second one would be too much… and I agree: this is probably the sweetest cocktail I’ve ever published, be warned.

-5 parts raspberry juice

-2 parts red grenadine

-1 part cream

-2 parts whisky

-1 to 2 parts Blue Curacao

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass with lots of ice in it. Serve with straw or at least with with some kind of a stirrer: if you let the drink stand for a while, the cream will start to separate and grenadine will set on the bottom… this will not happen as fast as it does in Storm, but it will take place eventually. But don’t worry: this will not affect the taste.

And as always… for raspberry juice use concentrate diluted with water 1:1 ratio instead of recommended (usually 1:3 or 1:4).

Green Arrow was sweet; Hawkeye is even sweeter (I doubt I’ll ever design anything that sweet again). Galactus was brisk, and next one is even brisker…




I find this very titillating apertif. Use small glasses, this is one of the strongest drinks I’ve published.

-2 parts dry gin

-1 part absinth

-1 part Midori

Shake with ice and strain into small apertif glass.

“The Spirit of Vengeance”-version:

-1 part dry gin

-1 part extra dry vermouth

-1 part absinth

-1 part Midori

Shake with ice, as above.

Absinth and Midori… this sounds familiar…?” You’re right, same ingredients can be found in Dr. Octopus! But make no mistake: Doc Ock and Spectre are completely different drinks despite of apparent similarity. Rose’s Lime Cordial makes octopus-frappe sweetish, gin (or gin and vermouth) gives us mordant Spectre. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself: Spectre for apertif, and Doc Ock for after-dinner digestive.

By the way… I’ve used Midori and gin together earlier also, in Killer Croc. But Croc having Green Chartreuse, lime juice and egg white… I’ll doubt anyone would consider it and Spectre (or Dr. Octopus) as “similar drinks”.


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