Girl Power 7 (Black Cat, Starfire)

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Halloween is over, and it’s time to move on. In today’s cocktails we’ll utilize Lillet Blanc, as we’ve done before… Bumblebee and Wasp,  Namor, Wolverine and Ozymandias.




6 parts Lillet Blanc

1 to 1,5 parts Kahlúa

2 parts gin

dash of Green Chartreuse

Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass with some crushed ice in it. Garnish with cherry and lime wedge.

Lime wedge is optional. Tiny dash of lime “dulls” the overall taste a bit, and some people prefer it that way: I personally enjoy this cocktail without any lime.

Even if you feel that aroma need a little cutdown, use very little lime, basically just the amount that naturally dilutes from the wedge: othervise this elegant cocktail turns into boring broth.




Orange part:

10 parts Lillet Blanc

2 parts orange juice

1 part Campari

Purple part:

red grenadine

simple syrup

Blue Curacao or blue grenadine

Prepare the purple part first, as in Joker: pour some red grenadine into stirring jar, add simple syrup until colour is light red. Then add blue colour, very little, stirring, adding… until the colour in nice purple. Please leave Joker’s punchline out of this ;P

Pour some purple into cocktail glass. Then stir other ingredients with ice and carefully layer on the top.

Test Subjects gave approving nod to this one. Princess Koriand’r, Princess of Tamaran, can be seen as romantic character, getting married and widowed and getting married again… but I think there’s more to her character.

I hope her fans find this drink as appropriate tribute. Even Campari Lovers might get little exhausted while drinking this, but in the end there’s sweet dessert.


Until next time! 😀


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