Watchmen, Part 2 (Ozymandias, Rorschach)

Hello again. It took me a while, but here are today’s Watchmen cocktails…




There are actually three versions of this cocktail…

Ozymandias, before Watchmen story

-4 parts Lillet Blanc

-1 part bourbon (Jim Beam recommended)

Ozymandias, during Watchmen story…

-4 parts Lillet Blanc

-1 part bourbon (Jim Beam)

-1 part Kirschwasser

Ozymandias, after Watchmen story…

-6 parts Lillet Blanc

-1 part Kirschwasser

All versions: shake with ice and strain into suitable glass, half-filled with crushed ice.

So… before his plan Ozymandias is “hero”: distant, maybe little arrogant, but still hero. Then the plan takes form, and he turns more sinister character. And after the Watchmen story… he is still “good” (?), but very different person.

Bottle of Lillet Blanc stays okay for about two weeks after opening, so in addition to Ozymandias you might want to try my other Lillet cocktails: Wolverine, Bumblebee and Wasp, and of course, even if it is not my own invention, French Intervention.




-4 parts cream liqueur (eg. Bailey’s)

-2 Aperol

-1 to 2 parts Bourbon

Shake with ice and strain into old fashioned glass, add some ice.

This drink has the same philosophy as Comedian, “Rotten American Dream”. They are not, however, identical drinks: Midori creates weird “gone bad” feel in Comedian, Aperol’s bitter in Rorschach is outright “mental”.

Okay, enjoy your drinks. See you in a week or so 😀


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