Stings like a Bee (Bumblebee, Wasp)

Today we”ll check out cocktails with “cool sting” or “breezy bite”… and they’ll also have a hint of honey-ish aroma. I don’t know about you, but I feel that if I mix Lillet Blanc with anything else except very dry elements the result will have some sort of honeyish savor. “Honey, you say? So… here comes Bumblebee and Wasp!”

Also… opened Lillet bottle will retain it’s aroma for about two weeks in the fridge. You’ll have to drink lot of French Interventions and James-Bond-famous Vespers to finish the bottle… these two recipes help you in your task of emptying the bottle before the aroma begins to foul.

I’ll return to Lillet Blanc later in the fall/winter, but now it’s time to check out today’s recipes.




If you want to rim the glass with honey, be my guest… but try it first without one to discover faint “floral honey aroma” the drink has.

-3 parts Lillet Blanc

-2 parts pineapple juice

-1 to 2 parts Triple Sec

Shake with ice and strain into small chilled cocktail glass.




Again, honey rim is optional. Personally I prefer Wasp as pre-dinner apertif without additional sweetener.

-2 parts Lillet Blanc

-2 parts extra dry vermouth

-1 part gin

Shake with ice and strain into small chilled cocktail glass.


“Okay, Wasp was nice… so where’s Ant-Man/Giant-Man?” In the next post… along with another small fellow, The Atom 😀


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