Cherry Tequila (Spider-Man and Deathstroke revisited)

I decided to introduce something uplifting; this coronavirus atmosphere, it reeks of fear and distrust… We need something else: something positive, despite of everything that’s going on.

I give you Cherry Jelly Bean Tequila 🙂



Few years back I introduced the idea of jelly bean tequila: pour the candy into the glass jar and cover them with gold tequila. Stir occasionally, and after a couple of hours jelly beans have diminished into small transparent pebbles. Filter, probably twice, and you’ll have delicious jelly bean tequila for your cocktails!

Same here, but instead of general variety of jelly beans use only the ones with cherry flavour.



The result is thick, syrup-like substance: intolerably sweet to be enjoyed as it is (although there’s still that familiar tequila sting there, balancing the taste)… we’ll use it in the role of “flavoured syrup and booze, combined”.




1 part cherry tequila

3 parts dry cider OR 2 parts dry cider and 1 part lager

(dash of red grenadine, if you should adjust the colour)

Build into a highball glass, add ice.

My first take on Spidey was airy, jocular and pretty mild (since Peter is young, he would probably drink milder teenage cocktails)… This highball is “The Basic Cherry Tequila Drink”, the first thing that pops into your mind when you carefully taste plain cherry tequila: “hmm, let’s dilute the strong taste with something that acts as a counter-taste, something sour”.

This drink basically designed itself, and it’s my Spider-Man Cocktail #2 for three reasons… 1) The taste is still airy and playful, suitable for Spidey  2) I think there’s nothing wrong with the first Spider-Drink, but the character deserves another version  3) Peter Parker is, as established, a young dude: he doesn’t have no time nor patience for constructing complex cocktails 😀




3 parts cherry tequila

1 to 2 parts gin (see below)

2 parts extra dry vermouth

1 part orange juice

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with cherry in blue cocktail pick.

This is a bit more complex approach to Cherry Tequila… Orange juice cuts it down, vermouth adds some spiciness (not too much); the results is kinda mean drink, suitable for Slade Wilson, put I strongly recommend adding some gin to the mix. While Cherry Tequila contains the harsh taste of cheap tequila, I still prefer to kick it up a notch with gin; the actual amount is up to you.

My first Deathstroke Cocktail was sort of a mean summer highball; this is “a calm, calculating and deadly” cocktail… it’s specifially designed to honour Deathstroke, one of the coolest comic book killers ever. I hope you like it.


Next time… not men, but women 😀


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