X-WOmen (Magik, Pixie)

Hello, folks! I’m back from the short summer break, and I thought it would be nice to warm up with a couple of cocktails themed around female X-men (hmm, sounds weird).




1 part mezcal

2 parts sloe gin

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with lots of ice in it.

It’s a simple drink, but it works. Illyana Rasputina has many super powers and I could have started to create a very complex cocktail… but she’s a sister of Piotr and his drink was brutally simple, so I decided to go along the same guidelines.

Mezcal and blackthorn create an interesting mix… but the mixture is pretty brutal, I give you that (just make sure you use enough ice). Stubbornly I cling onto my design, but for those who find Magik’s powers too much to enjoy I give another drink…




10 parts (extra) dry cider

2 parts red wine

1 (or more) parts peach liqueur

Stir with ice and strain into a suitable glass with lots of ice in it.

Compared to Magik The Cocktail, this is gentle… but it still has some “jolt/twist/sting” to keep it interesting (and keep you satisfied in summer terrace).  As with Magik: Pixie has all sorts of powers, practically challenging me to design something complex and megalomaniac… but this time I decided to keep it simple.

Teasing, delightful, jolly… maybe not the words to describe Pixie The X-Man, but the characteristics associated with the word “pixie”. So I kinda “sold out” – sorry for that, Pixie fans.

Both Magik’s and Pixie’s powers revolve around teleportation – I must confess these two drinks do not especially take that into account (unless you drink 17 of them)…  but I was in a mood for creating something easy and quick to prepare; you know – summer drinks.

Something more complex next time, I promise 🙂


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