Tomato juice revisited (Tony Stark, Red Skull)

Before we advance any further into today’s topic… rowanberries! Now it’s the right time to harvest them (at least here in Finland)! Go on, pick up some nice red bunches, rinse them and freeze them. We’ll use them in the next post.


Publishing Iron Man Mocktail and Iron Patriot and War Machine got me thinking… there’s nothing wrong with my Iron Man cocktail (in my honest opinion)… but it’s a shot, and I think that Tony Stark deserves another kind of drink, too; something to be enjoyed more slowly…




2 parts whisky

1 part Malibu

3 parts tomato juice

dash of red grenadine

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

The guidelines for this cocktail are the same as for my first take on Iron Man… Stark is an alcoholic and must’ve been gulping down many breakfast Bloody Marys with trembling hands; hence the tomato juice. And the drink should have a “mechanical” taste, because of the suit, naturally.

In Iron Man The Shot and in Iron Patriot I used Amaretto to create certain bitterness; somehow it, when used properly, clangs to my teeth as “synthetical” aroma… suitable for technical aspect. In Iron Patriot I added exhaust fumes with the smokiness of mezcal…

…I didn’t want to repeat myself by using them again, I was determined to find some new ingredient to create “machine” taste when combined with tomato juice. And I did found many of them, but most of the mixtures were simply horrifying (not worthy even for “horror characters”)… and then I found the answer: good ol’ Malibu.

Coconut flavoured rum clashes with tomato juice, creates “synthetic motor oil” sensation (in the positive sense of the expression ;P); whisky contributes substance, and red grenadine gently binds it all together, in addition of adjusting the colour to more satisfying red.




3 parts cognac

2 parts Luxardo Maraschino

3 to 4 parts tomato juice

couple of dashes of red grenadine (up to 1 part)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Of course Red Skull’s cocktail has to be red… tomato juice does the job, and also acts as suitable base for grim but still enjoyable cocktail. Cognac, full-bodied and royal alcohol, turns into something sinister when combined with juice; Maraschino enhances the mixture, and as in Tony Stark, above, red grenadine adjusts both colour and the taste.

This is the drink Skull-faced Nazi Scum sips when he sits in some dark castle basement, while working on his plan for world conquest.


There it is… two drinks using tomato juice; one good guy, one bad guy. No tomato juice next time.

And don’t forget to collect those rowanberries 😀


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