Ocean Breeze (Mera, Ocean Master)

The weather is HOT! Couple of maritime highballs to help you chill out…




1 (or more) part rowanberry vodka

0,5 to 1 part Midori

2 to 3 (or more) parts dry cider

1 part orange juice

Blue Curacao (for adjusting colour more intense green)

Build into a suitable glass, add lots of crushed ice. Garnish with orange wedge and rowanberries.

Without rowanberry twist this drink would be just a basic beach drink, without surprises… the sourness adds an element of danger; of being serious, not to be joked around with… that’s Mera, like an ocean: gentle, but capricious – even violent if needed (add more rowanberry vodka).




6 parts dry cider

1 part Cynar

2 parts Coca-Cola

0,5 parts sarsaparilla syrup.

Build into a suitable glass, add a lots of crushed ice.

When you dive deeper into the depths of the ocean, the shadows get longer and more numerous; it’s still the same sea, same water, but there is something sinister lurking around…

Basically an easy highball, but Cynar and sarsaparilla add their twist – not just to make the drink interesting, but to remind us just how bitter Orm is. I can’t find a better drink to sip while planning your revenge for Aquaman 😀


Please people, try to survive the heat wave and coronavirus and everything… Keep safe, keep hydrated ;P


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