Inhumans, part 3 (Maximus The Mad, Triton)

Today we have two completely different characters; hence, their cocktails are nothing like each other.


2 parts creme de cassis

1 part Kahlúa

1 to 2 parts vodka

4 parts tequila blanco (definitely 100% puro de agave)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Maximus has completely lost it… so, his namesake drink could be a insane jumble of different tastes – if it tastes horrible, it’s okay since he’s a horrible guy, right?

Wrong. Lazy solution. I want to challenge myself.

Bitterness might be a right choice for representing insanity, right?

Wrong… kinda. I’m overusing bitter taste, I should find another ways to depict madness tastewise. If you’re looking for a bitter taste combined with cassis and coffee please check out Zsasz.

Okay – no bitter, no jumble. What then?

Something with The Substance – Maximus is so Out There, far away… his mind is filled with darkness, overwhelming darkness… so his drink must feel “heavy”; landing of drinker’s tongue like a suffocating blanket.

Also… even though I’m not looking for A Goofy Jumble, weird aroma combo is very welcome… so I came up with Kahlúa and cassis. Tequila is there to create counterbalance for that oversweet combo and believe it or not, vodka is kinda necessary to lighten up the overall taste.

So, we have a very dark cocktail – now something totally different…


2 parts coconut milk

1 part condensed milk

2 parts Midori

2 parts sour apple liqueur

dry white wine, to taste

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into a highball glass with plenty of ice in it. Serve with a straw.

I can’t offer a proper explanation… I just wanted to design Triton’s namesake drink as a delicious highball. Maybe there could’ve been other approaches, but I chose this one. Dry white wine is a nice kick among the sweet elements, you won’t need much.

By the way… maybe I should design another version of Namor? I’m not thinking the guy is a joke, but maybe my cocktail makes him look like that… 😐

Next time? There are many more Inhumans to be “cocktailized”, but maybe something else for a change?

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