Orgeat syrup (Joker revisited, Ultraman)

I was enjoying Tom Collins the other day and started to wonder what would it taste lake if tampered with orgeat syrup…? Quite nice; actually I ended up with refreshing mocktail recipes also 🙂


5 parts sparkling water

1 part lemon juice

1 part orgeat syrup

(gin, to taste)

Blue Curacao (or syrup), for colour

Build into a highball glass, add ice: I personally prefer adding Blue Curacao syrup last – I sinks down to the bottom, creating a cool effect. Stirrer for those who want to twirl it uniform blue.

Mocktail version, as you noticed, is simply made without gin.

Well, this is “Tom Collins for the greedy people”: orgeat syrup really nudges the good ol’ T.C. onto the second gear, makes you covet more, getting more and more drunk on your own power all too easily… what’s more suitable for representing Ultraman, the greedy version of Superman from The Other Side?

Okay, that was simple. Now a little more complicated, at the same time drifting away from the original T.C…


5 parts sparkling water

1 part lemon juice

1 part orgeat syrup

(vodka and/or reposado tequila for taste)

Couple of dashes of Tabasco sauce

Sala syrup (see below)

(Blue Curacao syrup, for adjusting colour)

Build into a highball glass. Add sala syrup last: it all depends on the brand, but it seems that when the colour is right, the aroma is also dead on. You might want to add few drops of blue syrup to bend the hue to more purple (again, depends on the brand of the sala syrup).

Ridiculous garnish, of course – even more over the the top than in Deadpool.

Again, for mocktail simply skip the booze. Gin doesn’t work very well on this one: either vodka or reposado tequila – I personally use them both in The Man Who Laughs.

So, it has a crisp zest of citrus; chili surprise (as in my first Joker cocktail) and weird bubble gum nuance of sala – with the heavy and intoxicating sweetness of orgeat syrup. Decent mocktail for representing The Joker… and the acridity of tequila and the sting of vodka for those who prefer stronger version.

Both of these mocktails are updated in compilation, available with all the rest in recipes and downloads.

Jeez, I just realized… it’s over four years since I designed that first Joker cocktail… But now I’m in the Joker Mood: we have a Joker The Cocktail and Joker The Highball – there’s still room for Joker The Shot!


Green part, top:

1 part Midori

2 parts mezcal

Purple part, bottom:

2 parts Parfait Amour

1 part De kyuper Blueberry

(Tabasco sauce)

Shake parts separately with ice and layer into the shot glass.

First: smoky and violent mezcal, somewhat soothened with Midori… then a weird “jumping” combo of Parfait and Blueberry – even more weird should you add some Tabasco but please don’t overdo it: this shot works pretty fine without Tabasco at all, “bombarding” the purple layer with it turns it into an unimaginable sludge.

So there it is. Next time: last of the JSA.

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