Countdown to Halloween 3/3… and 200th Cocktail Recipe (Satanus, Thanos)

Halloween is near, so one more of the 2000AD bad guy is going to be published… and now it’s also the time to publish my 200th Superhero/villain Cocktail Recipe!

Cocktail compilation is updated, please feel free to download it and other theme compilations (including Halloween cocktails) from Recipes and downloads. 

And now we’ll enter The Cursed Earth…




1 part vodka

1 part cranberry juice

Blue Curacao (to adjust colour purple-ish)

dash of Angostura Bitters an/or tequila blanco

(dash of T-rex DNA ;P )

Shake with ice and strain to an old fashioned glass with some ice in it.

For cranberry juice please use high quality concentrate diluted with water 1:1 ratio instead of recommendation (usually 3:1 or 4:1).

Jeez, I loved/feared Satanus when I was a kid! When Judge Dredd was tied up in that sacrificial stone pillar and Satanus come about for a lunch… I must have read that story about hundred times, couldn’t wait for the next issue…

Yes, the taste of Satanus The Cocktail is RAW… and it should be, considering what kind of character it is. Vodka and cranberry go well together, anyone who has enjoyed Cosmopolitan can vouch for that… but instead of softening the mixture with lime juice and Triple Sec we’ll harden it up, using Angostura and (I recommend this) with tequila.

Blue Curacao is not there just to adjust the colour… it adds its own to the whole: try one with and without it and you’ll notice the difference. It’s a small one, but it’s there.






Blue (Mind), Orange (Time) and Red (Power). Couldn’t capture the orange colour properly, sorry about that.


Purple (Space), Yellow (Reality) and Green (Soul). The yellow looks pretty pale in the pic, luckily it is decent yellow in Reality (ha, ha).

So, THANOS The Cocktail…

2 parts extra dry vermouth and

Blue (Mind): 1 part Malibu, Blue Curacao for adjusting Colour

Green (Soul): 1 part De Kuyper Blueberry, Midori for adjusting colour

Orange (Time): 1 part apricot brandy

Purple (Space): 1 part Parfait Amour, 1 part peach liqueur

Red (Power): 1 to 2 parts De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb

Yellow (Reality): 1 part pear liqueur, Strega for adjusting colour

Shake with ice and strain into the suitable glasses with some ice in them.

I recommend that you’ll start with Orange and Yellow, save Green last. This way you can savour more faint aromas of the first Soul Gems; when you’re on Number Five or Six you won’t appreciate them anymore ;P


Thanos is the man… err, Titan of many aspects, but let’s face it: he is best known for wielding The Infinity Gauntlet. The Ultimate Cosmic Power (or Omnipotence, in this case) might be represented with one single drink with an insane alcohol content… but I think it’s better to get drunk comparatively slow pace while exploring the cocktail, as Thanos got intoxicated during his quest for limitless power.

So, instead of layering the colours… six drinks. They are all part of The Gauntlet, everyone uses vermouth… but each Soul Gem’s unique characteristics are depicted with different liqueurs. All are the same, all different; represented both thematically and in taste.

(You’re welcome, Test Subject B.)



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