Cute but feisty (Lockheed, Miss Marvel)

As I told you last time, I’m taking some time off from JSA… designing JSA cocktails, that is – reading JSA comics like a madman in hope for more inspiration 🙂

With Abby Arcane I introduced a new (well, new to me) booze: Bayou Pink. Today I’m gonna bring you couple of creations utilizing that pink liquid.

It’s not the easiest alcohol to work with. It’s completely fine on its own, just throw in some ice… but it tempts you to use it in cocktail: unfortunately the signature taste of Bayou Pink gets easily lost if you blend it too heavily with other substances.

So, taking it easy… Just B-Pink and some liqueur to support/fulfill the taste; don’t overdo it, just settle for less… sugarcane spirit and zesty mayhaw berry create kinda rough combo, softening it up a little with proper aromas might be a good way to depict characters who look harmless but pack a punch.


4 parts Bayou Pink

1 part Parfait Amour

Shake with ice and strain into a small cocktail glass. Add one ice cube.

Parfait Amour is one of those liqueurs that “support” B-Pink nicely, even though its strong vanilla easily suffocates mayhaw berry – you can even try five parts Pink and one Amour.

And as Lockheed packs a punch, so does Kitty Pryde.


3 parts Bayou Pink

1 part Luxardo Maraschino

Shake with ice and strain into a small cocktail glass. Add one ice cube, maybe two.

Mayhaw berry and sour cherry of Marashino go perfectly together. This drink doesn’t depict streching limbs as well as eg. Plastic Man, actually it doesn’t do that at all… but I dare to say it hits the spot as “cute but feisty” superhero cocktail portrayal.

And if you’re looking for Carol Danvers, her namesake drink is here.

That’s it, folks; couple of cuddly yet intense cocktails.

Next time? Maybe back to JSA – maybe something else 🙂

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