Umeshu (Kraven The Hunter, Sunfire)

I’ve done some experiments with umeshu, actually I conducted them last spring… but there is always “something better” to publish. Sigh, the story of my life; everything gets postponed in the last minute because I discover something “more urgent” to publish…

But now it’s time for umeshu! Unlike soju, the taste really isn’t easy to lose among other ingredients: the taste is very tense and sweet indeed! The key – the way I see it it – is to find something that “rhymes” with the liqueur; not just add some vodka and slam a name for the “creation”.


1 part bourbon

1,5 to 2 parts umeshu

dash of Peychaud bitters

some absinth (see below)

Glaze the chilled old fashioned glass with absinth (the best way is to spray it with good ol’ wormwood booze). Shake ingredients with ice and strain into the glass, add a lot of ice.

Sergei Kravinoff… russian aristocrat, who spends his time stalking a big game (and occasional human-shaped spider) and hustling with some weird jungle herbs.

I decided to skip “russian” part; as I said, I didn’t want to approach the subject just by adding vodka (althought it is a good combo).

There are a lot of strong aromas in this drink; I think that qualifies for “jungle herbs”. And this is one of those drinks that you want to enjoy slowly, with patience… as the hunter needs patience to score a kill.

And now we have the original Sinister Six represented with cocktails! In addition to Kraven here… Dr. Octopus, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman and Vulture. I’ll add a compilation to recipes and downloads first thing tomorrow.


2 parts dry apple cider

1 part gin

1 part umeshu

some red grenadine (for adjusting colour orange-ish)

Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass with some ice in it.

Shiro Yoshida sure has temper, he’s pretty arrogant dude – hence dry cider and gin, to add “harsh” element. Umeshu, of course, stands for his Japanese nationality… but it also blends nice with other elements: my humble attempt to represent Sunfire’s plasma bolts.

So, those were today’s drinks, I hope you enjoy them 🙂

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