Spider-Man baddies (Hydro-Man, Sandman)

Since publishing my second version of Spider-Man I’ve been compelled to design Spidey-Villain drinks. Sinister Six is slowly taking form… but before that we’ll take a look at couple of dudes who suffocate their victims, one way or another…




1 part prosecco

1 part extra dry vermouth

(Blue Curacao, for colour)

Build into a highball glass, add some ice.

If you skip the Blue Curacao, the drink will look like water with an yellow-ish tint – just like NYC tap water? 😀

Okay, jokes aside. This simple mix creates a feel of “getting drowned”: the taste is kinda “easy to get bored with”, yet it’s not. Argh, surprisingly difficult to explain! It’s a refreshing beverage (like water to the thirsty) but it contains “a desperate” element… when you realize it’s not just water coming down from your shower, it’s Morris Bench attacking you… suffocating, drowning…




1 egg white

6 cl (2 oz) whisky

2 cl (3/4 oz) DOM Benedictine

2 cl apricot brandy

2 cl red grenadine

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

William Baker is a living sand dune, capable of burying you to face horrible death. That death is pretty “dry”, wouldn’t you say? So Sandman’s cocktail should be dry, right? Well, how can you get drier than the driest Martini?

Instead of trying to create dry, DRY Vodka Martini that would wipe out grin even from 007’s face, I decided to explore the same approach as in Anaconda: the sweetness, build with so many levels and nuances it simply suffocates your senses.

Anaconda The Cocktail starts with alluring sweetness, luring you closer…then the whole “weight” of the drink starts to feel. Well, Sandman is a honest drink: it announces its willingness crush you right from the first sip 🙂

Looks like the summer has finally arrived, at least it looks like it at the moment…. let’s not jinx it, you can expect pretty much anything from Finland’s summer… but while waiting for the freezing sleet storm I’ll celebrate the sunshine with some bubbly drinks! See you next week!


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