And so it begins… (Superman, Batman)

It’s Christmas time, boring as usual… so why not get drunk?



So… “Truth, Justice and The American Way” are guidelines for the drink… I think it has to be simple, straightforward, blue (of course) and since there’s a word “American”… it has to be sweet and contain bourbon.

-4cl (1 1/2 oz) bourbon

-4cl simple syrup

-4cl Blue Curacao

-1 egg white

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass. Add some mineral water and ice, stir gently. Red straw, of course!




I’ll bet Batman is spending a LOT of time waiting for Bat Signal to appear into the sky… sitting there on the rooftop, in the rain… Jeez, he must be bored. Maybe he sips something like this…

-2 parts whisky

-2 parts unsweetened apple juice

-1 part DOM Benedictine

-1 part Kahlúa

-1 part lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass filled with ice. I find that lemon peel in the drink improves the taste, especially if you’re using big glasses: aroma from the peel has time to sink in, but you can just garnish with lemon wedge if you like, or pass all the riffraff altoughter… but yellow lemon really is the great base to stick your Bat Logo to!



This picture has really nothing to do with cocktails, it’s just some blog example picture I don’t seem to be able to delete.

I’ll be posting another takes on Big Blue and Bats later on… but next time we’re going to examine Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy and Bizarro.


9 thoughts on “And so it begins… (Superman, Batman)”

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    1. I guess so. On the other hand, DC Comics or Marvel owns copyrights for the comic book characters referred in this blog; I just design the cocktails… and that’s all I wanna do with this blog. Mertiso’s tips seem to be about “monetizing your blog”, and that’s not for me. This is just a non-profit hobby.
      But thanks for the comment. Now, try some recipes 😀


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