Dark Aromas, again (Ra’s Al Ghul, Mad Hatter)

Yes, it’s time to soak licorice again, just as we did in post #2 (“Getting ready for New Year’s Eve“). Exactly the same procedure, but use gin instead of vodka. You might want to extract the licorice little shorter duration as you would with vodka, or that “gin sting” will suffocate somewhere there.

Both of these cocktails will turn out okay if you use licorice-infused vodka, in case you don’t want to do experiments with your precious gin.



Refreshing drink for Ra’s Al Ghul to enjoy after taking a dip in the Pit.

-1 part licorice gin

-1 part red vermouth

-1 part Campari

Stir into old fashioned glass with ice and garnish with orange peel.

THAT’S RIGHT, it’s Negroni with licorice twist! Give it a try.



The obvious choice for Mad Hatter’s cocktail would be spiking the cup of tea with whiskey or something like that… but how about Jervis Tech having a glass of ICE tea?

-1 part simple syrup

-2 parts lemon juice

-3 parts licorice gin

-4 parts soda water

Put some lime wedges into highball glass, as you would with ice tea. Mix the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup in the glass with ice, top up with soda water, give it a little stir.

CORRECT, AGAIN: it’s Tom Collins, but because of licorice it tastes completely different… and it looks like ice tea.

These two drinks are variations of old classics, I think well worth publishing. Check them out, Negroni Fans and Tom Collins Lovers, and tell me if you liked them.

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