A Friend in Need… (Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock)

(This post is dedicated to Test Subject B.: A Friend, and an avid fan of Batman)

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St. Valentine’s Day is closing. Time to friends and lovers to celebrate – but what about those who are lonely, not knowing whom to trust? Surrounded by crowd, but might as well stand alone in the dark… surrounded by wolves.

Maybe the darkest place of them all is Gotham City: filled with madmen and lunatics, greedy politicians and corrupt cops. Frightened citizens trapped in their apartments while few valiant individuals strive to give the control of the city back to its inhabitants.

Theirs is a lonely duty, but they keep on trying. Caped Crusader is the most famous of them all; Dark Knight, Silently watching over Gotham… but the task is overwhelming, even for him.

In the moments of direst need he relies on his few friends…




3 to 4 parts apricot brandy

2 parts vodka

1 part mezcal

dash of lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Add one small ice cube.

Commisioner Gordon’s responsibilities are grave, and there are very few to share them with… who can you trust? How do you know which officers are bought by The Mob, and which have some decency left in them? Batman is a priceless asset in never-ending battle against The Darkness called Crime, but a commissioner also needs unmasked heroes on his side.

These are the things Jim contemplates while sitting alone, in his office, in the dark… and this is the drink he uses to calm his nerves.

Apricot brandy is a sweet ingredient, simulating Gordon’s desperate need for some kind of exuberance… vodka adds ethanol volume, because a man in his position needs a strong drink.

Combination is delightful… but strong and distinctive aroma of mezcal is a reminder that the Filth of Gotham will not be washed away with a single cocktail… or even with a dozen of them.




4 parts lager

1 part tequila reposado

1 part De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb

Build into a suitable glass. Ice optional. Enjoy with big and smelly cigar, preferably in non-smoking area.

Detective Bullock is obnoxious, coarse, maybe even corrupt to some extent… but at the end of the day, he is one of the few loyal cops in GCPD Commissioner Gordon can truly trust.

So what about Harvey’s namesake drink? Beer, naturally: drinking while on duty is forbidden, but one Blue Ribbon doesn’t count… “Hard-working cop is allowed to drink beer with his lunch!”

Of course the lunchtime refreshment is spiked – obvious thematical choice would be whisky, but I think tequila has a bit more “hard core”-feel in it. Blanco tequila doesn’t quite fit with lager, reposado works better.

Apricot brandy creates comforting element in Gordon The Cocktail; De Kyuper’s Sour Rhubarb does the same thing with Harvey – creates a nice blend with reposado in the sea of beer.

Attentive readers might notice an apparent similarity with Captain Boomerang but I assure you: while both drinks consist of lager and tequila, Sour Rhubarb and sala syrup as third ingredient create completely different drinks.


That’s it for now. Have a nice St. Valentine’s: cherish you friends and loved ones… and be prepared for Leap Day – some weird cocktails coming up ;P


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