Spider-Villains (Lizard, Vulture)

It’s Green Drinks, again! I can’t help it: while designing superhero/villain cocktails, green colour theme keeps popping up… and again, and again…

Well, that’s life. Today’s actual theme is not a green colour, but couple of Spider-Man adversaries; let’s check them out…




Prepare a frappe: cool suitable thick glasses beforehand in the freezer. Fill cold glasses with crushed/shaven ice, then quickly prepare the drink…

2 parts peach liqueur (of suitable colour, preferably colourless)

1 part Strega

1 part Creme de Menthe

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into the ice-filled glasses. Serve with a straw: green, naturally.

I tried to simulate the taste of Curtis Connor’s regeneration serum… as far as I know, there are no side effects with this one; well, after one too many you might turn into a sluggish reptile…




2 parts lager

2 parts cider

0,5 to 1 part orgeat syrup OR Orange Curacao

Blue Curacao for adjusting colour

Build into a suitable glass, adding Blue Curacao last: one dash at the time, stirring, until you got the colour right. Add ice.

So, it’s a good ol’ Snakebite with extra twist, coloured green. The basic idea is to create a feeling of “soaring high” (while looking for a good attack angle on Spidey); orgeat syrup makes this almost too easy to drink. Orange Curacao is more interesting, I personally recommend it but I also include orgeat syrup variation because Test Subjects made me to 😀

It’s a simple drink, easy to make if you’re looking for different kind of Snakebite variant.


Today’s drinks were pretty simple, next time something bit more complicated… Doom Patrol.


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