150th Recipe! (Superman, Doomsday)

Moment of silent reflection. About two years of work have led me to this point, I’m publishing my 150th cocktail recipe. I guess that’s something.

It’s taken its toll. At the moment I’m pretty much out of ideas, and to be honest, not having much motivation anymore … but after 150 drinks, I’d be amazed if I still had the same energy for this blog as I had two years ago.

Don’t worry, this is not the end of this blog… just going to post less frequently than before.

Not The End, but a milestone… In my very first post I introduced cocktails for Superman and Batman, so I guess “when you come a full circle” you end up where you started…




2 parts bourbon

2 parts Blue Curacao

2 parts cream

3 to 4 parts simple syrup (or blue grenadine, if you want darker blue than “light sky blue”)

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass with lots of ice in it. Garnish with lemon wedge, red straw.

Yes, you noticed… basically this is “Man of Steel”, egg white replaced with cream. People are more afraid of the egg whites than I thought, they don’t want to try Superman The Cocktail… so here it is, without egg white.


And since we’re getting sentimental and talking about “coming the full circle”… how about the death of Superman?




2 parts licorice vodka (see Harley Quinn how it’s done)

1 part Creme de Cassis

2 parts tomato juice

1 part lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with olive (or cherry, if feel pity for the drinker).

This is the drink of strong contradicting tastes. I think it’s enjoyable after all, in it’s own unique way, but I guess most people hate it… that’s okay, Doomsday is the fella who killed Superman, you’re supposed to hate him/it 😀

But there is a philosophy in this drink, I try to include one in every drink I design: creature of contradictions, filled with hate and rage he/it can barely contain, that’s the idea behind the taste of Doomsday… and the cocktail looks like a blood: same blood that Superman bled when Doomsday murdered him.

…Luckily these are superhero comics we’re reading, and Superman was resurrected 😀


Unfortunately “150 cocktails” compilation is not finished, I’ll publish it in my next post… it’s going to come out some time before Christmas, and there will be couple of tasty sparkly cocktails for your New Year celebration!

See ya!


2 thoughts on “150th Recipe! (Superman, Doomsday)”

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    1. Yeah, sure. These “monetize everything”-messages are scourge of the blogs everywhere. Read the disclaimer: “…non-profit purposes only. Just writing this for fun.” Have a nice day.


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