Towards New Year’s Eve, part 2 (Falcon, Redwing)

Back in September “Reader D.” contacted me and requested cocktails for Iron Patriot and War Machine – well, consider it done.

We had a brief discussion about heroes who should’ve their namesake cocktails published so far, Falcon being one of them. I promised to get to that as quickly as possible… but it took me this long: so little time, so many heroes. Well, better now than never.

Because of the delay I decided to throw in some extra, not just Sam Wilson, but also Redwing to accompany him.

These two drinks have been added to updated Avengers Compilation, please check it out in Recipes and downloads.




15 parts dry or sweetened sparkling wine (see below)

2 parts Bols White Cacao (or similar liqueur)

Sala syrup (see below)

Build into champagne flute, add some crushed ice. The right amount of sala syrup? Different brands have different intensities in taste, but good rule of thumb seems to be… add sala syrup last, stirring. When the drink turns from pink to clear red, the amount is right.

Sweetened sparkling wine… dry bubbly with 5-10% added simple syrup creates a nice combo (better than sparkling wine already sweet in the bottle). You might enjoy this drink without any added syrup… try first without it, then add some sweetness, you’ll see what I mean.

So how is this Falcon The Cocktail? Crispiness of sparkling wine takes it to the sky; sala syrup makes it “jump” and/or “glide”; White Cocoa gives interesting twist, also adding kinda “artificial” feel… those wings are mechanical, after all. Colour theme is, of course, good ol’ red and white; sala does the red. As for white, we’ll have to settle for that crushed ice.

So why this took so long to create? In September I already had a sketch for Falcon The Cocktail in my notebook, and I thought I’ll go with it… I offered it to Test Subjects B. and S., they didn’t look too pleased… and they were right, it was a lazy creation, slapped together too hastily.

So, back to the drawing board… and finally, here it is: Falcon The Cocktail that I (and Test Subjects) are content with. But as I said, Sam Wilson is not taking to the skies just by himself…




2 parts sloe gin

1 part Campari

(1 or more parts vodka)

1 part sala syrup

Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass.

This shot doesn’t actually need vodka, but some people prefer it with little more sting (1 part vodka) or outright “raging raptor” (2 parts).

This shot is, of course, designed to be consumed with Falcon. It has sting, but not too much… Redwing is the faithful ally of Falcon, but after all he/it is a sidekick.

I feel that Redwing The Cocktail is at its best when Falcon has just a bit too little simple sugar: when sparkling wine starts to “get into your palate and nose” (you know what I mean), Redwing swoops to rescue: there’s all sorts of bitter aromas in the shot, but in overall its soothingly sweet. After the shot you’ll make to the end of the flute… and you’re ready for the next round ;P

Next time – Towards New Year’s Eve, Part 3! 😀


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