Happy New Year…again?!? (Deadpool)

How fitting that this wiseguy makes a last minute entrance, giving New Year greetings after Your Humble Blogger already did it couple of weeks ago, stealing the show?

How fitting that this smartass wants his drink to be glaring pink, outright ridicilous? With weird jumble of aromas (that actually combine well)?

How fitting that this “gentleman” wants his drink to be treacherous? “Hidden” alcohol content which goes down too easily, making ladies “easy”? (This is how female Test Subjects described this cocktail, so ladies: please be wary around Deadpool ;P)

How fitting that this cheeky fellow wants his summer time drink to be published just before New Year’s Eve, in the middle of the winter? And that he wants it photographed with Christmas theme, just after Christmas?


Well, he’s Deadpool. (and he’s also available as mocktail version, read on)




2 parts tequila blanco

1 part Amaretto di Saronno

1 part cream

1 part milk

1 part sala syrup

dash of Tabasco sauce

Shake with ice and strain into a highball glass with lots of ice in it. Absolutely ridicilous garnish, every shade of pink should be represented in the mindblowing avalanche of decoration.

Tequila gives sting (and somehow Deadpool The Cocktail should contain that notorious booze), Amaretto adds bitter almond element. Just a dash of Tabasco for surprise element, but please don’t overdo it even if you love the fiery taste: too much Tabasco doesn’t ruin the drink, but makes it less enjoyable if it’s nothing else but a hint of fire.

Milk and cream blend well with sala syrup… that’s why it’s popular combination in Southeast Asia, I’m told. If you haven’t never heard of it… it’s syrup made out of certain palm tree fruit. I used Hale’s Blue Boy Brand, which seems to be readily available outside Southeast Asia:


Sala syrup’s weird “bubblegum” taste creates interesting combination with all the other ingredients. Deadpool is my first recipe using this syrup, but it won’t be the last; stay tuned.


And I promised a non-alcoholic version…



3 parts milk

1 part cream

1 part sala syrup

1 part Orgeat syrup

dash of Tabasco sauce

Shake with ice, as above. Same outrageous garnish. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce tequila’s sting, so this version hasn’t got as much character as alcohol version… but it’s okay.

This is a suitable moment to update my mocktail compilation, please feel free to check it out in Recipes and downloads.


Happy New Year, once again! See you in 2019 with more superhero cocktails! 😀


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