“…and a dash of Triple Sec” (Animal Man and War Machine revisited)

Oh my, it’s HOT! So it’s refreshing highballs, not too difficult to make since nobody can concentrate on a weather like this.

I also realized that my quest for quick-to-make swelter drinks gave me an excellent idea to correct, or at least to reshape, some of my earlier designs…


3 parts pineapple juice

3 parts dry white wine

1 part Aperol

dash or two of Triple Sec

Build into a highball glass, add ice.

My first version of Animal Man… what was I thinking? I remember thinking that “well, it’s weird but kinda tasty, anyway”… well, it’s not!

This is for all you Animal Man fans out there, and I hope that this second take makes it easier to accept my humble apologies. And the colour will be orange, for some reason the camera didn’t catch the nice hue.

Please, take a sip before adding any Triple Sec… and another after adding it – it’s weird how much it can change the drink? The same goes with the next one also…


3 parts Coca-Cola

3 parts dry white wine

1 part reposado tequila (might work with cheapo gold tequila…)

dash or two of Triple-Sec

Build into a highball glass, add ice.

Unlike Animal Man 1.0 above, the first version of War Machine is still OK… but I’m thinking how long Coca-Cola Energy Drink will be available? As a matter of fact, is it available anymore ?

Haven’t seen it around lately in the stores… Instead of desperate googling and ordering from the other side of the world I made a mental note some time ago, “design War Machine 2.0”.

So, here it is. Same kind of “feel” as in the first one, but the bitterness in the drink is from tequila, not from Gammel Dansk or Cynar… I’ve received some feedback about cramming too much bitter here and there: guilty as charged, sometimes I forget that majority of humankind doesn’t like bitters as much as I do.

Anyway, I hope this satisfies you War Machine fans out there, in sweltering heat.

Next time? Looks like that “scorchio” is here to stay for a while, so more cool refreshments 🙂

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