Inhumans, part 2 (Black Bolt, two versions)

I ended up creating two versions of Blackagar Boltagon, representing the character in just one drink was a task I couldn’t manage. So here they are…


4 parts licorice vodka

4 parts vodka

3 parts Licor 43

(dash of cognac and/or Grand Marnier, but please try it first without it)

black food colouring

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass, add one ice cube.

This drink tastes like black! If too much so, then try “cheering it up” with a tiny taste of cognac or G-Marnier.

Also, I tried to create a sombre and solemn cocktail; something to sip slowly while silently pondering the way the world goes, definitely not feeling the urge to blabber… something B-Bolt does a lot 🙂

I’ve kinda avoided Licor 43, because of the ridicilous sweetness and sort of “industrial/synthetic/cheap” taste… but used with caution and combined with proper elements it has its uses – in this case licorice vodka, which I haven’t utilized for a long time. We’ll see more uses for Licor 43 in the near future.

So, if this cocktail depicts the way B-Bolt feels day after another, the next one gives us a feel what happens when he cracks his pursed lips…


Highball glass:

half sweet/sweet white wine and Sprite, half and half

black food colouring

Build into a highball glass, add some crushed ice (shot glass doesn’t have room to sink if you’re using cubes)

Shot glass:

1 part De Kyuper Blueberry

2 parts whisky (see below)

black food colouring

Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass.

Okay, maybe I’m repeating myself – it’s been only a while since I introduced some drinks with bomb shot/ depth charge idea – but the idea of otherwise mute Black Bolt just barely whispering one single word… what other way to represent that earthshattering experience than bombing a shot in mellow drink?

You can drink them separately, of course. Highball is basically a bland base for bowl punch, designed to taste like that; shot stands on its own feet more, pretty enjoyable as its own…but of course the idea is spend some time with calm and serene B-Bolt for a while… until there’s some room in the highball for dropping the bomb/whispering a word.

Instead of whisky you can try dark rum, or better yet, overproof dark rum in the shot glass. Tequila would seem to be the first choice for this kind of job, but I personally found it unsuitable: creates “volume” for the whisper, sure, but it’s “high-pitched” compared to whisky’s “low bass”. Try it out and you see what I’m trying to say with my limited English.

Next time… more Inhumans 🙂

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