Countdown to Halloween 1/3 (Judge Fear, Judge Fire)

This morning it was freezing here in Southern Finland… the days have been shorter and shorter, the darkness is triumphing over daylight, the Halloween is getting closer…This year’s Halloween drinks take their inspiration from the pages of 2000AD.

Here they come… Dark Judges.



“Gaze into the Face of Fear!”


9 parts vodka

3 parts Kahlúa

2 parts Blue Curacao

1 part simple syrup (if you’re using more, don’t just add it but replace vodka with it)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

The hue of green in Judge Fear is… well, pretty frightful, or at least, weird. And the taste…”what is the taste of pure fear (and still palatable)?”… that was my guideline.

It’s a strong drink… if you feel that the whole cocktail glass is too much, by all means serve it as a shot; then The Fear strikes in a different way.



Yes, Kahlúa and Blue Curacao, “diluted” with vodka, creates a weird green colour?!?



I felt pretty warm when taking this picture…please note the blue flame in the drink.


1 part mezcal

2 parts carrot juice

dash of Tabasco sauce

some honey

pinch of salt

Stir/shake, no ice. Pour into a suitable glass and top with overproof alcohol; light it up and serve instantly. Extinguish the flame and enjoy.


Mezcal is the natural choice for this one, with its smoky taste… once again: San Cosme strongly recommended. As I I said earlier, it’s the only mezcal I use these days.

Please don’t smother the drink in Tabasco sauce! Mezcal and reasonable amount of Tabasco will deliver the idea of smoke and fire; salt and honey, accompanied with carrot, turn this to actually enjoyable cocktail.


So there we have two Dark Judges… Judge Death and Judge Mortis coming up! See you next time 😀


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