Layering (Deadman, Hawkman revisited)

Last time I promised more layered drinks, let’s check them out:


Red part:

8 parts Edinburgh Gin Distillery’s Elderflower Liqueur

1 part bourbon

1 part Aperol

(red grenadine, adjusting colour for deeper red)

White part:

1 part milk

1 part De Kyuper Pineapple

Shake parts separately with ice and layer them into old fashioned glass with some ice in it: red part first, white part on top… and don’t panic when layering seems to fail. The drink uses specific liqueurs, and their densities are pretty close to each other – even though it looks like it, they don’t mix if you enjoy your drink carefully (and I guess milk has something to do with surface tensions).

Anyway, what I tried to achieve with this design? Contemplating the shifting border of two kingdoms, both the living and the dead; in taste as well as in visual sense.


Top layer, green:

1 part vodka

dash of absinth

1 part pineapple juice

Blue Curacao (to adjust colour green)

Middle layer, brown-yellow:

10 parts lager

3 parts bourbon or cognac

1 part sambuca

some pineapple juice (to turn the layer opaque)

Bottom layer, red:

2 parts Aperol

1 part sambuca

1 part vodka

some pineapple juice (to turn the layer opaque)

(red grenadine, adjusting colour for deeper red)

Stir layers separately with ice and layer into a highball glass with some ice in it.

I thought it was about time to take a better look at Hawkman…

Prince Khufu has born in many bodies throughout ages: the idea in this drink is that although there are many layers, they still have thing in common – prince Khufu, in this case represented with anise taste. Unfortunately sambuca cannot be used in the top layer, please substitute with absinthe with strong anise flavour (and less wormwood).

The colours of the layers are, of course, taken from Carter Hall’s costume. I deliberately designed the middle layer to be more brownish, kinda “battle damaged”; the look I like in Hawkman.

Sharply separated layers look nice in drinks, too, but this time I wanted to go with “sliding” colours. Don’t forget to add some pineapple juice to two bottom layers; they look some much better when they’re opaque.

We’ll put layering aside for a while, but next time we’ll continue exploring sambuca 🙂

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