Blue and Gold (Blue Beetle, Booster Gold)

This double act has been waiting and waiting for their drinks, it’s about time they get theirs!


Top layer, black:

Fernet Branca

(black colouring, should you not be content with Fernet’s colour)

2nd topmost layer, light blue:

Bols Natural Yoghurt

Blue Curacao, for colour

3rd topmost layer, dark blue:

2 parts Bols Natural Youghurt

1 part Malibu

2 parts Blue Curacao

Bottom layer, yellow:


few dashes of Rose’s lime cordial

Shake parts separately with ice and layer into an old fashioned glass with some ice in it.

It’s amazing how long it took to give birth to Blue Beetle The Cocktail… I had not a single solid idea about the concept of the drink; something that would “nail it” at first glance.

I consulted some geeks from local comics store, that was a mistake… “is it about old or new Beetle? Maybe you should do both? Hey, but whaddabout this-and-that storyline, how are you going to represent that in the cocktail?…”

Aaargh! Weeks turned into months, and Blue Beetle still didn’t have his namesake cocktail…Damn it! So here it is: nothing particularly “blue-beetleyish” in this one, except the colour theme.

You will go through all sorts of aromas when drinking this; I hope you’ll enjoy them and find some forgiveness in your heart… it’s pretty delicious, I dare to say, but it’s just that – without any actual reference to Blue Beetle. Layering suitable colours doesn’t cut it, I’ve ranted about that earlier and I’m not going to cut myself slack with this.

One day I’ll find An Inspiration, and come back with The Essential Blue Beetle Cocktail 🙂

While waiting for that…


2 parts prosecco

1 part orange juice

dash of Strega

few dashes of Malibu

few dashes of Rose’s lime cordial

Build into a champagne flute, add some crushed ice.

Michael J. Carter… a showoff from the distant future, boasting around in our time – I love it 🙂

Bubbly seemed as an obvious choice for the base of the drink, and while thinking about gold/yellow colour I instantly reached for orange juice… “Hey, wait a minute! Don’t do a Mimosa!”

Well, why not? Mimosa, with a twist! Malibu adds kinda exotic aroma, and Strega introduces harsher element for balance; the amount of lime cordial is up to personal taste.

You noticed I used Bols Natural Yoghurt again, in B-Beetle? Originally I bought it for creating white stripe into Captain America (Land of The Free), and even as it isn’t my favourite liqueur it has its uses… that being said: next time, youghurt drinks 🙂

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