Women (Batwoman, Spider-Woman)

Despite of coronavirus lockdown the spring is here: sun is shining, it’s getting warmer… let’s check out couple of suitable cocktails for this time of the year…




1 part rowanberry vodka

3 to 5 parts dry apple cider

Build into a suitable glass. Add ice, apple wedges and some rowanberries.

No, I didn’t forget about rowanberry vodka; still planning to use it in the future. But what does rowanberry sourness has to do with Batwoman?

Well, the hard choices she had to do, concerning her military career and sexuality; staying true to herself of just pretending… and that horrible moment when Kate realized who “Alice” really was.

Batwoman The Cocktail is simple to make yet it describes the character; not to mention it’s pretty refreshing 🙂

Some people might think that the looks have nothing to do with Batwoman, “too cheery for Gotham City”… and they’re right. If you would like to emphasize “The Darkness”, simply add black food colouring…



Skip the apple wedges, just place the rowanberries on top of the ice… just as the scarlet wig is in the top of Kate Kane’s head ;P




4 parts Malibu

1 part white rum

1 to 1,5 parts Strega

1 part red grenadine

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with lots of ice in it.

First this might taste a little odd, “too violent”; Strega attacks your taste buds instantly. But after few sips you’ll get the philosophy of the drink: playful, jocular… but not to be taken lightly, Spider-Woman will definitely kick your a** if you should ridicule her (and that’s Strega).


Those were today’s cocktails, I’ll hope they’ll relief a tension during this virus lockdown 😀


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