Towards New Year’s Eve, Part 1 (Banshee, Power Girl)

Today we’ll start our journey towards New Year’s Eve… at least two posts about the subject, maybe three; let’s see what I can come up with.

Sipping sparkling wine in the last night of the year is taken granted, so many of the upcoming cocktails are using bubbly. Also… things usually get pretty rough during those celebrations, so I’ll include some “well, let’s get wasted”-drinks.

So, let’s begin…




2 parts dry prosecco

up to 1 part yellow banana liqueur (or few splashes, see below)

dash or two of Angostura bitters

(dash of simple syrup, see below)

Build into a champagne flute, add red or green cherry and some crushed ice.

Two keywords for the cocktail are “soaring” and “voice”. Earlier I used sparkling wine to represent sound-based super powers, with Black Canary and Songbird, I dare to do it again.

Dry bubbly clashes nicely with sweet banana, and that’s my representation of Sean Cassidy’s shrieking voice… The ratio of bubbly and liqueur depends completely on what brand of banana liqueur you’re using, you’ll just have to test. The idea is to “soften up” dry bubbly with sweet banana, without completely covering it; Angostura adds the third, subtle element, binding it all together into a satisfactory drink.

Some people just don’t like the collision of dry and sweet; it’s okay to add some simple syrup if you enjoy sweeter cocktail, but please check it out first without any added syrup.

About colour theme… Some people might want to use green cherry, to emphasize yellow-green colour theme; thematically correct, I give you that, but I think the cocktail just looks better with red cherry.

Cherry is not just for the looks… no matter the colour, drinkers are grateful for the “sweet dessert” in the bottom of the glass if you make your Banshee The Cocktail as violent collision of dry, sweet and bitter as I do; yes, I enjoy my Banshees more on the dry side, with one more dash of Angosturas.




1 part tequila blanco

1 part De Kyuper Blueberry

1 part Bols Cocoa White (or similar liqueur)

1 part (or more) simple syrup

1 part (or more) cream

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with some in it. Garnish with two red cherries.

Attentive readers notice the similarity with Bouncing Boy; no, I’m not referring to “bouncing” part(s) [whoa, that was cheap, sorry ’bout that] but the actual recipe; I dare to repeat myself since adding cream to tequila-blueberry-cocoa-combo turns it into different drink – more delicious, I might add.

So, what makes this drink “Power Girl”, besides white-red-colour theme and cheap jokes about garnishing the drink with two big bouncing cherries? Well, I’ll be straight with you… “the bounging taste”. There’s no getting around it, Power Girl has…erm, well-developed “bazookas”; in every comic book story, in every cosplay outfit… so let’s just get over it and incorporate those mammaries into the cocktail.

Also… it’s a powerful drink. Not per se, but softening up the Bouncing Boy-base with cream “hides” the alcohol, so it’s easy to start drinking these faster as you should… so be careful.

Anyway, I think Power Girl The Cocktail is enjoyable drink for any party, New Year’s Eve or otherwise. I hope you like it.


Next time… Falcon and Redwing, and the reason why that duo has been delayed for so long.


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