Towards New Year’s Eve, part 3 (Mandarin, Silk Spectre revisited)

It’s the last part of “The Eve of 2020”-series. First two posts included cocktails with sparkling wine, this time we’re going to skip that paticular ingredient.




12 parts Lillet

2 parts De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb

(1 part Bols White Cacao, see below)

Build into a suitable glass, add lime wedges and a lots of ice.

I’ve been thinking Mandarin The Cocktail for a long time… 10 mysterious rings with various powers; master of martial arts; genius and master of many sciences, including Makluan technology… that’s a lot of characteristics to be crammed into one single cocktail.

Instead of postponing the drink from here to eternity, I could just get over it and design a drink with many nuances: not one for every ring (that’s Thanos) but many, anyway.

So here it is… and I decided not to care about Mandarin’s green colour theme (unless you count the limes); there are enough green drinks in this blog already! And it’s the taste that defines the character… Lillet’s spiciness, quinine and all, creates an interesting combination with sweet n’ sour and vanilla of Sour Rhubarb.

And when the ice melt, they don’t water the taste down (too much), since the lime wedges slowly ooze their juice into their surroundings and keep things interesting.

Bols White Cacao… some people think Mandarin The Cocktail is better without it, I feel it makes things even more interesting… it “disturbs” the drink, just the right amount.




2 parts Triple Sec

1 part Strega

2 parts simple syrup

2 parts cream

8 parts Fanta

Stir with ice and strain into a highball glass with lots of crushed ice in it. Black and yellow garnish.

Actually this isn’t a new version of Silk Spectre… it’s the way it should have been in the first place. Licorice vodka is great ingredient, but it’s little hard to control the amount of anise flavour in it (because of the differences between licorice brands).

So, the answer is Strega, and all of its violent anise and spice flavours. This drink does eveything the original Silk Spectre did, but way better. Please ignore the old version and enjoy this.


Happy New Year! See you in January!


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