Batman Rogue’s Gallery (Killer Moth, Talia al Ghul)

Oh, Batman’s enemies… source of endless inspiration and one of the reasons why I started this blog. To be honest: I’m not a big Batman fan, character is not that interesting… but his enemies, titillating and intriguing in their imaginative insanity is what brings me back to those particular comics time after time.

Of my themed cocktail compilations, “Batman: his few friends and many foes” is the largest, and now its going to grow with today’s recipes. Please feel free to check it out in Recipes and downloads.

Cocktails of the day…




1 part gin

1 part licorice vodka

2 parts Noilly Prat

2 parts Heering

2 parts Maraschino Luxardo

(1 part simple syrup)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Add one small ice cube.

How to produce licorice vodka? Check out Harley Quinn.

Talia is an interesting character: both the enemy of Batman, but also his lover. I decided that her namesake drink should be sweet (“lover”) but it should also contain “an underlying sense of danger” because she is the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul, after all…

An inspiration for this cocktail came to me when I was testing the recipes from Ye Olde Finnish Cocktail Book…



“Cocktail Kirja” (“Cocktail Book”) is the first cocktail book ever written in Finnish, published after the end of Prohibition 1932 (yes, Finland experienced that tragic period also). It’s mainly a rip off from Craddock’s legendary “Savoy Cocktail Book”, but it also has some recipes of its own.

One cocktail got my attention the second it touched my lips… “well, this isn’t that great, but it has potential. I could use this as a basis for something better… it has sweetness, but also something else; great for Talia The Cocktail, her drink has been postponed way too long…”

Here is the original recipe used as an inspiration, exactly as it was written in “Cocktail Kirja”…


1 part Boord’s gin

1 part French vermouth (read: half sweet vermouth)

1 part cherry brandy liqueur

1 dash simple syrup

1 dash Maraschino liqueur

As you can see, Talia The Cocktail ended up pretty far from this one… but I feel that my creation is based on this, so I decided to bring this to your attention also.

And Test Subject S.: thank you for Cocktail Kirja and acting as a Guinea pig for Talia al Ghul 😀




Orange part:

1 part vodka

1 part carrot juice

1 part pineapple juice

Green part:

3 parts Creme de Menthe

2 parts lemon juice

1 part kirschwasser (or moonshine, see below ;P)

Shake parts separately with ice and layer into a suitable glass with some ice in it; green bottom, orange top. Add a straw, and it’s essential that the straw is purple (to honour Killer Moth’s fashion sense regarding his tights) 😀

Last time I published couple of drinks for henchmen: sad excuses for a higher primate, nothing goes well with them… that inspired me to create a drink for The Saddest Batman Villain Ever, Killer Moth.

The straw is purple for decorative purposes, but it serves a function: alternate drinking orange and green parts. Orange is for those long boring days (and weeks) during which K-Moth spends working on his criminal plans (a dull, bland taste)… and the green is when those plans are executed, and even if they work out, they can be called partial failures (well, the taste is “off”).

About moonshine… does not endorse any illegal activities, including “distillin’ your own”… but it looks like everyone knows a friend who knows a friend who has The Equipment ;P

Moonshine taste is great for representing “small time crook”-feel of Killer Moth. If you don’t know that “friend of the friend”, please use kirschwasser instead: no matter how legally manufactured, it has a certain taste of home distilled product… oh, wait… I don’t know what good ol’ rotgut would taste like: I don’t know any friends who have friends and I’ve never touched the stuff ;P


Next time: delicious and strong drinks, suitable for Summer’s First Serious Intoxication. I might be little early, it’s May after all… but it’s good to be prepared.


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