“Those teenagers are just Animals!” (Beast Boy, Raven)

Greetings from Africa, again! 😀 Last time I visited the continent was about 1,5 years ago, when I got back I was thrilled to create “Law of The Jungle”-cocktails: Black Panther and Gorilla Grodd and Animal Man and Tigra.

Local booze (especially Uganda Waragi) inspired me to create cocktails for local hotel… and I did it again: we’ll get to those in my next post, but while I go through my notes I present you two more “wildlife-inspired drinks”.

With these recipes I’ll publish one more cocktail recipe compilation: Teen Titans, you’ll find it in Recipes and downloads.



Sorry, no green animals (except the gharial)… ;P


1 part sour apple liqueur

1 part lemon juice

1 part extra dry vermouth

Shake with ice and strain into a small cocktail glass with some crushed ice in it.

As with Animal Manhow to “describe” a fellow with animal powers in cocktail? What’s the taste of cheetah’s speed? Bear’s strenght? Keen eyesight of the eagle?

Well, as in Animal Man: instead of desperate attempt to include too much in one glass I decided to create simple refreshing drink instead: at least the colour is right.

And if you’re very observant, you’ll notice that Beast Boy is a variant of Bullfrog. Same twisted alliance of extra dry vermouth and lemon juice, Triple Sec’s sourness replaced with different kind of “crispy tart” flavour.




1 part vodka

1 part Parfait Amour

1 part De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb


3 parts vodka

2 parts Parfait Amour

3 parts De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb

Shake with ice and strain into the cocktail glass.

Combination of Parfait and Sour Rhubarb creates nice “mystic” feeling: way too sweet, but some vodka will cut it down. Anyway, I think this is a decent representation of Raven’s mysterious powers.

Test Subject group couldn’t decide which version was better, the one with more rose-vanilla-aroma or the one with more distinct rhubarb taste… so I included both versions, you decide which one suits you best.

This is not the last time I use De Kyuper’s Sour Rhubarb: the taste is delivered with artificial essence, of course, but in this case the result is very satisfactory. Unfortunately same cannot be said about eg. De Kyuper’s Blueberry liqueur: artificial stench and taste are almost revolting. I’m a fan of blueberries, but that muck was hideous.

Next time… Cocktails from my holiday in Kenya! 😀


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