Terror from the Stars (Fin Fang Foom, Starro)

Today we’re going to check out couple of hostile visitors from the outer space, and use dry/extra dry Prosecco as our tool for the task.




Kahlúa (cool from the freezer)

5 parts dry/extra dry Prosecco

1 part Midori

dash of lemon juice

Twirl a lemon peel into champagne flute and pour in some Kahlúa, incredibly cold just out from freezer. Gently stir other ingredients (cooled beforehand in the fridge) and gently layer atop Kahlúa.

Carefully add some crushed ice: yes, it’s completely possible without breaking the tension between brown and green.

Finally sprinkle some cinnamon on top. It’s primary function lies in the smell, it combines with the taste (but see below). You can experiment with other spices, too.

So, what’s this has to do with monstrous Makluan reptile? I’m not relying just on green colour: Midori and Prosecco create very dry combination, ruthless as F.F.F. himself… but cinnamon/spice(s) of your choice eases up the drinking a little, and gives the “Mystical Feel of China”; maybe experiment with Chinese fivespice?

Finally there’s a sweet blessing of Kahlúa, representing Fantastic Four’s (or whomever’s) triumphant victory against this foul creature… and when you drink the last of this drink, the spices that have been floating on the top most likely end up in your mouth. That’s the reason #2 for oversweet Kahlúa: it’s both dessert after harsh, dry drink and safeguard against possibly overwhelming “spice poisoning”.

Next drink is easier to prepare, no layering…




4 parts dry/extra dry Prosecco

2 parts cranberry juice

1 part cognac OR sloe gin OR dark rum

Build into champagne flute, gentle stir, or stir in a mixing jar and pour into flutes. Add some crushed ice. If you prefer a purple look of Starro add some Blue Curacao to adjust colour: I personally like pinkish/dirty red-version of him/it.

As I’ve told you over and over… please don’t use pre-mixed juice drinks, but high quality concentrate diluted with water 1:1 ratio instead of recommendation (usually 4:1 or 3:1).

So, that foul giant starfish from beyond stars hypnotizes people, makes them attack their friends… that’s the idea of choosing between cognac, sloe gin or dark rum: the drink never tastes the same (you see the world differently, depending on Starro’s whims), but it’s always the same nasty cosmic echinoderm behind the scenes, trying to control the inhabitants of this planet.

I can’t decide which Starro is the best, with cognac or sloe gin… I personally think that dark rum isn’t a bad choice but it isn’t the best… but since some Test Subjects like that option the best, it’s included here. Try more expensive smooth rum, or cheapo bottom self choice with sharp taste: results can be surprising. I find cheap Rum Negrita the best dark rum for Starro!?! I guess expensive smooth rums blend in and “get lost” too easily in Prosecco and cranberry juice, or something like that.


Guess what? Next time… 150th recipe! 😀


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