It’s about time to publish these… (Black Lightning, Luke Cage, adjustment to Black Panther)

Fulfilling the request for “Reader D.” gave me an impetus to publish these: last time the requested Iron Patriot and War Machine, today drinks that have been on the wait list for too long…




2 parts extra dry vermouth

1 part Blue Curacao

1 part absinth

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with some ice in it.

Originally I was going to publish this accompanied with Electro, titled “High Voltage” or something… but creating “the taste of electricity” proved out to be a difficult task. Black Lightning The Cocktail has certain “electricity-ish” feel to it… not the best of my creations, I admit, but it’s okay for slow sipping.

The very day I come up with a good “electricity recipe” I’ll publish Electro and probably another take on Black Lightning, that’s a promise.

The blue colour of the drink is for Jefferson Pierce’s tights and for “the colour of electricity”… If you want to emphasize Black Lightning simply add black food colouring.

And talking about black colouring…



Black Panther stalking in the shadows of the jungle…


In the original recipe I didn’t put much emphasis on the colour, I was more focused in creating “The Taste of The Jungle”… but as “Reader D.” pointed out, using black colouring agent really turns it into a Black Panther The Cocktail… I guess many people have done it already; I admit, I’m always more interested in creating the taste, the looks come a distant second… to the point where I ignore it almost completely 😦

To enhance the cocktail to even more blackpanterish… Rim the cocktail glass with suitable purple sugar etc., to give it the purple halo of T’Challa in black costume. I tried it, looks fine, but the photos were so awful I didn’t dare to publish them.

Thanks for “Reader D.” for Purple Halo idea 😀




3 parts Advocaat egg liqueur

2 parts Luxardo Maraschino

1 part orange juice

(gin, if you feel like it)

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with some ice in it.

This drink’s colour has nothing to do with Power Man’s colour theme… and since it’s so delicious I won’t make any effort 😀 Please feel free to experiment with artificial colours if you want to, I think the cocktail looks fine just as it is… except, now when I think of it… orange wedge would look nice in the picture above…

So, how is this Luke Cage? I was inspired by the classic cocktail Harlem, here’s one version of it…


4 parts gin

3 parts pineapple juice

dash of Maraschino Luxardo

some crushed pineapple

Shake with ice and strain (or don’t strain) into an old fashioned glass. I personally don’t strain it, I enjoy pieces of pineapple in this drink.

So, I enjoyed this drink so much I decided to use it as a basis for Luke Cage… to give it more “substance”, more “power”… as in, well, Power Man.

The final version is pretty far from the original Harlem Cocktail (as Talia al Ghul strayed away from original inspiration)… but it’s cool and “slick”, yet there’s strenght… I’m pretty content with this one, I hope you enjoy it.


I’m working on Falcon The Cocktail at the moment. I have a basic idea about it, but it also needs “a side dish”… Redwing.

But you’ll have to wait for those for a moment… next time we’ll start our countdown for Halloween, and it will culminate in 200th Superhero Cocktail Recipe 😀


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