Melting Point (Demon Etrigan, revisited, and Ragman)

This heat wave will be the end of us all. And I know that eg. Western USA and Canada are infernally hot compared to Finland at the moment… but even so, it’s overwhelming for me at the moment. I live in the Northern edge of the Europe, I’m not used to this!

So, time for coolers. As last time: something that’s easy to make and cools down effectively… and since I already mentioned “infernal”…


2 parts red wine

5 parts pineapple juice

Triple Sec, to taste

(dash of Campari, see below)

Build into a highball glass, add ice.

Tired of Sangria? Try this 🙂 Looks little bit like blood, hence “Jason Blood“… although this drink’s “feel” has very little to do with Rhyming Demon from the depths of Hell. If you’d like to relive some of the feelings and aromas of the first version, please add some Campari… but that’s not essential – some amount of Triple Sec is.

Okay, one more simple-to-make highball; last time I published two of those… let’s hang on to keyword “simple” but try something different…


6 parts vodka

2 parts Midori

2 parts lemon juice

1 part Cynar

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass, add some ice.

It’s surprising how long I’ve wrestled with this recipe, it sure looks so simple it could’ve been improvised at the spot.

Anyway… I started designing Ragman The Cocktail couple of months ago: “for this character some sourness and a tiny bit of bitterness – but not too much, I’ll usually overdo bitter and people complain… but for such a mysterious character combining these two tastes looks like a good idea…”

I tested and tested, and finally was pretty content with the taste and the colour… but something bothered me: “there’s something very familiar here, what is it…?”

Then it hit me. “Dammit! All this testing and all I came up with is Crocodile with altered ingredient ratios and Triple Sec swapped to Cynar!”

Despite of that I’ll publish Ragman The Cocktail now. It’s simple to make; definitely not an all-day highball- rather something to enjoy when scorching sun has finally gone down.

There’s nothing actually wrong with the drink… I just think it’s kinda unimaginative – although the colour is dead on. I’ll probably try to design another version in the future.

Next time… Inhumans 🙂

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