Reposado tequila, again (Blob, Radioactive Man)

Last time I introduced some cocktails utilizing reposado tequila and I kinda couldn’t let that bottle off my hand… so: more reposado cocktails!


1 part reposado tequila

1 part Advocaat

1 part pineapple juice

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with plenty of ice in it. If you want to represent Blob in more thematic fashion, use A HUGE glass – and prepare to get drunk 🙂

Blob The Cocktail… It has to have a “thick” feel, naturally; that’s Advocaat. Fred Dukes is a mean man; that’s represented with the acridity of tequila – blanco tequila would be too sharp for this purpose, reposado gives that sting but it’s somehow more mean because the taste creeps in slowly and it has more substance.

Mixing Advocaat and reposado results in a drink which is “almost there, but not quite”: adding pineapple juice “lubricates” two conflicting aromas together nicely.


Green layer, top:

3 parts reposado tequila

1 part Pisang Ambon

couple dashes (up to 1 part) vodka

(few dashes of hand-squeezed grapefruit juice, see below)

Red part, bottom:

1 part reposado tequila

1 part Passoã

(few dashes of hand-squeezed grapefruit juice, see below)

Shake layers separately with ice and layer into an old fashioned glass with plenty of ice in it: red bottom, green on top.

This drink is about Marvel Comics’ Chen Lu, not about Simpsons character.

Let’s take a look at Radioactive man… radiation has given him all kind of powers: pure strength, but also “softer” abilities, eg. hypnosis. Okay, maybe drink with two layers: one smoother, another more “raw”? But they would still share the same main ingredient since all powers derive from radiation?

Well, radiation is represented with reposado, its lingering acridity. And since we’re going for two layers we might as well add in Radioactive Man’s colour theme: red oufit and the face glowing green behind the visor.

The green layer is sharper, although it contains oh so sweet Pisang Ambon… you can try it without vodka, but you’ll notice why I decided to add some: Pisang and reposado clash too violently – in Blob The Cocktail I used pineapple for “lubrication”, here the vodka does the trick.

The red layer is “softer” layer, hypnosis powers etc. if you will. Kinda boring if the whole drink would taste like this, but fine “dessert” for green layer.

Grapefruit juice… it doesn’t actually affect the taste, but the pulp of the juice looks great in the drink: it looks more “radioactive”, I think .

No reposado tequila next time, I promise 🙂

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